Saturday, September 5, 2009

One thing leads to another....

On Wednesday we were informed by my father-in-law on a killer deal for a Whirlpool washer & dryer.  So we of course cannot pass up a great deal!

For most folks that would be the end of it, sell your old ones and wait for the delivery of the new ones. 

Not us. 

They are getting delivered next Friday.

In the meantime we are going to start working on turning this......

Into more of a laundry room. 

Wish us luck.  

So instead of enjoying the beautiful day out...... 
we moved everything out of the laundry storage area
went through everything, created a Goodwill pile
bought & hung drywall... well the hubby hung it... I was attempting to clean our disaster of a house!

The rest of the weekend will involve
mudding & taping
and if we have time sealing the floor with an epoxy paint

Don't you wish you were me??  ;)

At least earlier in the day I got to enjoy the weather, weeding & my bike ride to the natural food store.  Which the store wasn't really as great as I was hoping it would be... so sad.  The selection was kind of ho hum.  :(    Trader Joe's and Whole Foods why oh why can't you be closer!  (well its only really an hour but I hate to drive that far just for food)

Oh well.... 

So eventually I had a late lunch.

-spinach flat out, sundried tomato hummus, slice of provolone
-then I added some spinach after the fact as I felt it needed a little something more....

Dinner tonight was camera shy.... mainly I was exhausted.
 I think I was on my feet too much today and in crappy supporting shoes... so my arches are hurting.  :( 

We don't have much in the fridge, but I threw together a few things....

-Henry & Lisa's Salmon Burgers on ww buns w/laughing cow garlic & herb cheese
-grilled onions, these are some from our CSA that are so sweet and yummy
-steamed asparagus

I'm debating hitting the grocery store, but I may wait till tomorrow.  I need to get the supplies I promised to bring to the party tomorrow.  I think I'll go tomorrow though and instead I might make some deadly, but oh so good King Arthur Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies for the party.   

Then I need to hit the hay, I want to be up and out early for my long run.  Since I'm going to the beach I want to get there before it gets too crowded and so I can find a FREE place to park.  Yes I'm cheap.  :)

Have a great night!!



  1. My plans for tomorrow am are the same as yours!! You guys are going to be SOOO happy when you have that laundry room done! Make sure you share "after" pics with us ;) Great goals btw- thank you for sharing!!

  2. You are such a busy bee!

    I wish TJ's & WF were closer too... are you listening people?!? ;)