Saturday, October 17, 2009

Falling for a great run.....

Hello! Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Sorry didn't get to blog yesterday, was a busy bee.

Quick Recap though....

-pumpkin oats

-met my wonderful mom for lunch at our favorite spot
Turkey Rubini, basically a turkey ruben. Yum. With their crunch cole slaw kinda salad.
Also had some Pumpkin Cream tea.

After work I met up with the hubby and my sister-in-law for a drink.

Then the hubby and I headed home to make dinner. A friend of ours was on his way home for the weekend so we invited him over for dinner.

We had some CSA brussel sprouts, roasted.....

And some CSA turnips & turnip greens...

TJ's Mahi Mahi

All in the oven....

Um and then I forgot to take a picture of my dinner... gah!

I was a little tired.

BUT I had leftovers after my run today.....

this morning after a quick breakfast of oats, I was off for a 13 mile run.

It was a little chilly out, around 40 degrees with a breeze. But the sun was shining and the fall foliage was putting on a great show.

Of course I still needed to go buy some water..... :-)

Good run. Did 13.25 miles. Didn't wear a watch though, but I know my pace picked up a few times and I felt great. Actually had a driver give me the thumbs up and then when I caught him at a stop sign he asked if I was training for NYC. I told him it was a good guess and that I was. :-)

Alright I need to get some relaxing in.... we have a surprise party tonight. I've been doing laundry, switching clothes over from summer to winter and cleaning up the garden & deck planters. So if I don't relax soon, I'll be fading fast tonight!

Do you ever feel like you need to compensate for time "lost" while working out? While I was off running the hubby was mowing the lawn and cleaning up leaves..... so I felt like I had to do something product around the house too. But then that means I never really get around to the resting part. :(

Have a great night!!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yep, today I'm just plain sore.

Usually when I'm sore I figure its a good to work through it. But not today. I definitely felt like my body was rebelling and needs rest. So I'm listening and obeying. I stretched as often as I could at my desk. Although I could use a good massage....... I think.

I slept in to 6:30 this morning.... so nice.

Packed up my breakfast for work. Even though it was cold and I was craving oats, I went for cereal & yogurt, as I had some I needed to use.

-1/2 c Kashi Vanilla Island
-1/3 c Kashi Heart to Heart
-plain Oikos
-1T almond Butter
-1T ground flax

Lunch time I headed home to walk Reggie. I was in a cheese mood today.

While my sandwich cooked, I started on some apple with brie. mmmmm......

Grilled hummus & cheese
-sandwich thin, brie, mozzarella and hummus


Afternoon snack, carrots & almond butter.

After work, I thought about doing speed work, but I wasn't sure how my foot would hold up and I was still pretty sore. I did want to get one thing off my "to do" list, so I headed to the hubby's workplace and finally finished up the thank you letters to sponsors of the road race.

Found out the hubby had not eaten ALL DAY. Seriously, how does someone do that? He had a board meeting this morning and he managed to just drink coffee through it.... then just never got around to lunch. I don't get it.

He requested dinner out. So out we went.

I had pizza. Don't worry, this was smaller than it appears (and much less blurry), plus I ate only half. It was delicious though.... white pizza with prosciutto & caramelized onion. Heaven.

Tomorrow I'll get a short run in. Also I think I'll move my long run up to Saturday as Sunday is suppose to be a wash out.

Do you ever forget to eat? Have you ever gone most of the day without eating?

I rarely ever have this issue. I think on the day of the race I coordinated I didn't eat much, but finally remembered after it was over.... which lucky for me was before noon time. ;-)

Have a great night!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cold, suits and kashi

Yet another packed day.

I was up early for Kettlebell at 6am. It was hard to get out of bed as usual, but once there I was glad I made it.

My hamstrings were still sore though.... and it was a heavy leg day.

Today's workout.
10 reps to 1 (10 reps on each side of all exercises, then 9 reps on each side and so on)
Front Squats

It was self paced, but I wanted to get it done near the end. I didn't go crazy fast, but I was the first one done. :)

After class I headed home and got prepped for my day. While my breakfast cooked I got myself all gussied up for my big meeting.

It was a power suit kind of day. (Reggie wanted in on the photo op)

Breakfast was more pumpkins oats!

-.5 c oats, .5 c almond milk, .5 c water
- 2T pumpkin pie mix
- 1T ground flax
- 1T almond butter
mmmm.... good!

My meeting went well! It was done before noon time. :)

I headed home at lunch time to walk Reggie and have some lunch. I wasn't inspired by the fridge, so to the freezer I went.

-Kashi Tuscan Veggie Bake w/ a little added mozzarella cheese
it was delish!

Then it was back to work.

Later on I snacked on a Kashi granola bar. Guess it was a Kashi day.

After work Reggie and I headed out for another walk. I also picked up our last bag of CSA veggies. :(

Dang I forgot to take a photo. I'll snap one and add it later, it included some beautiful brussel sprouts.

I headed out and met up with a good friend for a drink or two.... had some Sam Adams Octoberfest. Yum. Finally it was time to head home though. Needed food!

Heated up some leftover TJ's butternut squash soup and what was left of the hubby's box mac n' cheese. Quick and filling. :)

It has gotten chilly here rather early this year. I mean its downright cold. We might even see.... SNOW tonight..... what!? Gah! What happened to my summer. This is my issue with fall. It just leads to winter. In my world summer doesn't last long enough.

So what is your favorite season? What is your least favorite season?

Have a great night!!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Trifecta....

It was a chilly fall day and that required some fall goodness...... thus lots of pumpkin.

As seen this morning, I started the day with some pumpkin pie oats.

Prior to lunch I hit the gym for my run. It was cold, rainy and just gross outside.... not inspiring for my run. Not that the treadmill was any better.

4 miles, 1% incline

Back to work where I heated up my leftover Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili from Chili Fest.

It was a perfect post workout meal, yum!

Later on I needed a snack though.... sticking to the day's fall theme.....
A little apple pie.
sort of.....

After work I tried to stay motivated. Finally.
-started laundry
-organized the pile of clothes on our guest bed (I'm changing clothes over from summer to winter)
-cleaned up the kitchen

Then the hubby came home and he wanted to go for a run. He wanted me to run with him. So we did an easy run of about 2.5 miles and picked up Reggie at the end from my in-law's house. It felt like December out there!!!! Ack! Not ready for it to be this cold yet!!

It was getting late so dinner was a frozen pizza. But I needed something to warm me up, I found some TJ's Butternut Squash soup and heated up a bowl for myself. Added a little freshly grated parmesan.

And enjoyed it.....

with a Pumpkinhead Beer.

Mmmmm.... more pumpkin.

And then a couple small slices of pizza. :-)

My hamstrings are SO TIGHT and SORE today. I think all those walking suitcase lunges did me in yesterday. They felt great after my runs, but as soon as I sit down for a bit it is so hard to stand up and walk. Ugh.

We will see how they feel tomorrow at Kettlebell, eeks!

I need to get to bed early tonight. I have big meeting at work tomorrow. One of my largest accounts is in town for a visit and wants to meet with me to go over numbers.

So it will be a power suit kinda day.

Do clothes ever make you feel more confident? Whether it be a suit, a favorite workout outfit, a snazzy going out outfit......

A suit always makes me feel more put together and more helps build my confidence especially when I'm meeting with folks older than me or a room full of attorneys (yes they intimidate me at times).

Have a great night!



Good Morning!

I've been a bad blogger. Ugh.... Procrastination has set in, I am overwhelmed with things to do and let myself get stuck. Must. get. moving!!!!

So today is a dreary rainy day. I'm going to move my run inside, as the chilly rain is just not appealing. So a lunch time run is on tap. Most likely it will only be 3-4 miles. I’m scheduled for 5 miles, but I think 4 will suffice considering the weather, my foot, etc. Speaking of my foot its still feeling great, I just want to take it easy for a bit, especially considering I did 20 miles on Saturday.

While prepping breakfast I enjoyed some of this…..

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie

Its really thick, almost too thick.

A little goes a long way with me, as I like to water it down. Its yummy though!

Breakfast this morning, OATS! But I had to finally do it and add some pumpkin, all I could find was this though…..

But it smells delish.

This is the final product.

- ½ c oats
- ½ c almond milk, ½ c water
- 2T pumpkin pie mix
- 1T almond butter
- 1T ground flax
- sprinkle of chopped walnuts

A quick revisit of yesterday……..

Up in the early AM for Kettlebell!

Did the following 5 times
- 7 double clean & presses
- Figure 8’s for 1 minute
- Russian Twist 1 minute
- Plank 1 minute
- Suitcase Lunges for 50 ft

- plain Oikos
- Kashi Heart to Heart
- Kashi Vanilla Island
- 1T almond butter

- sautéed greens
- turnips
- multi-grain tempeh

- Cinnamon Roll Larabar

Dinner was camera shy; it was just leftover whole wheat pasta w/ marinara & TJ’s pesto chicken sausage.

I turned into a bump on a log last night. I had a million things I should have been doing, instead I watched a few shows on Tivo. The hubby had a meeting after work and I kind of felt stalled till he got home….. wasn’t sure how long his meeting would be, what time to start making dinner, etc. Instead of being productive I just stayed in once place, literally. Blah. Tonight will be different! Too much to do, I hate unproductive evenings!

How do you keep yourself moving? Do lists help? I usually keep a list but didn’t have one last night, maybe if I had all my “to do’s” staring back at me I would have kept moving.

Hope you have a great day!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not so small plates... small plates dinner

Last night our friend's Glenn & Aviva treated us to a wonderful dinner.  They couldn't decide what to make, so they made a whole bunch of stuff.  

Very good thing I went for my run before the dinner and not this morning.  The variety of food, plus the few glasses of wine I had would not have been good for my tummy once running!

The evening started with some cheeses & pate.  After I snapped this picture some olives appeared as well.  The round cheese was a triple cream brie...... yum!

Our first course once we sat down was a lobster bisque.  Delish. 

Next up was a margherita pizza with home made crust.  I knew I could not eat all of it, especially if I was going to participate in additional courses.  So I ate half. 
The third course.... um apparently I forgot to photograph??!!  
It was a sesame encrusted tuna w/ noodles in a peanut sauce.  So good.... I think I was drooling too much to take a picture maybe.  

Fourth course was an amazing brisket and collard greens.  It melted in your mouth, it was incredible!

Then by dessert I was stuffed but still nibbled on some baked apple with ice cream...... I nibbled but was neglectful and didn't take a picture.....  

So like I said, very good that I ran BEFORE all this food!  (and wine)
I think I ate all the calories I burned and then some.  But it tasted darn good.  Plus it was great to catch up with wonderful friends.  

Do you have friends over for dinner often?  What do you typically make?


Another 20 miler.....

Can you guess what this post is about?  ;-)

Yeah no creative title for this one. 

So yesterday morning I had another  20 mile run scheduled.  Kinda made me wonder why I picked the training plan I have, two weekends in a row of 20 mile long runs?!  Eeks!   

Actually, I used the Smart Coach program on the Runner's World website to design my training plan.  I like how you can tailor to how many miles per week you want to do and how hard you want to train.  Its worked well for me in the past, so I've stuck with it.  

I pulled together my supplies for the run. 

Pre run - Clif Bar, Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
During run- Just Plain flavored Gu's

My mom and step-dad gave me my very own box o' Gu. 

I of course had to do the coastal route! 
It was too beautiful not to be sea side.  
Plus for some reason doing an out and back along the ocean just doesn't seem as long as venturing on several twisting turning roads.  

Made some friends along the way..... 
These guys were just hanging out by the side of the road. 

Another scenic Gu & water stop. 
I feel bad for people that only have corn or highways to look at on their long runs. 

So I planned out my pre-run food and during run food ok.... but once done I realized I FORGOT to pack my post-run food!!  Ack! 

I stopped by a convenience store and grabbed a Vitamin Water, then headed to the grocery store as I needed to go there anyways. 

I picked up an Amy's Spinach & Feta Pocket.  It was kinda blah....  but I ate it, needed FOOD!

So now its time to start bringing down the mileage a bit.  I believe next weekend's long run is only about 13 or so miles and the following weekend is down to 8!  

This month's Runner's World arrived yesterday, it has all kinds of info on the NYC marathon!!!  Lots of interesting people running it, tips, etc. Kind of like their April issue which is loaded with Boston Marathon related articles.  It definitely has me very excited for the race now.  :-)

Oh and I also need to report on my plantar's fasciitis.  The night boot/brace thing seems to help!  When I get up in the morning, my foot doesn't hurt!  During my 20 miles I could feel a little something, but it wasn't painful.  I am going to stay tuned in to how my foot is feeling and scale back if needed, I want to make sure its ok for the marathon.  I do think speed work bothers it a bit, so I may dial that back a bit.  

How was your weekend workout(s)?