Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beachin it.....

I was rather excited for today's run when I got up.  I could not wait to get down to the beach and enjoy my run. 

Before heading out the door,
I ate a slice of ww bread and a smear of almond butter. 

Along the way I swung by my mom's.  She is my Gu supplier. 

Then me & Henrietta (the hula dancer) headed to the beach with the Gu.  :)  I was driving the hubby's truck as he had asked to borrow mine.  

I had one Gu before heading out....  then I geared up
-fuel belt w/ water
-3 Gu's
-iPhone w/ some tunes playing

It was GORGEOUS out!  Lots of surfers, bikers, motorcycle riders, walkers, etc. out and about. 

Of course by this picture you couldn't tell many people were out!

I enjoyed the scenery and a few of the oh so little houses along the way..... 
Its was a relatively flat out and back route, but there were a few areas with a bit of an incline. 
More of those vacation "cottages.....

It did feel very good to be DONE!  I felt awesome about half way through but by the end I was definitely DRAGGING......

Miles: 18
Time: about 2.5 hours, I was having watch issues
Pace: averages out to about an 8:20 pace

I want a Garmin..... I'm tempted now that the 405 is out the 305 is a tad cheaper. 

Anyhow, since I was at the beach I did my post run stretch and cool down on the beach.

Little coconut water. 

This was my first try.  It was SO YUMMY!!!  
Hey if this is better for me than Gatorade, I'll take it!

My Feet & BEACH
On my way back to the truck I pulled out a sandwich I had made
-ww bread
-almond butter
-few chopped walnuts
-few dried cranberries

Once home I showered up and gave in to my craving.....

GREEN MONSTER.... this one truly was a monster about 1.5 glasses worth
-2 large handfuls spinach
-1/2 frozen banana
1/2 cup blueberries
-1 c milk
-1 T ground flax
-1 T almond butter
-1 small scoop soy protein powder

Now I need to prep & pack stuff for the in-laws party.  
Already hit the liquor store for wine 
(and Home Depot for primer...if I'm lucky I get to prime later, oh yay... blah).  

Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!!

What is your favorite post run or post work out meal?



  1. What gorgeous views while running! Ugh so jealous! Farm fields is all I get to see. *sigh*


  2. Hmmm - maybe I'll do my next long run down by the beach...

    I crave all sorts of things after workouts... I try to just go with the flow. Pre workout - my favorite is definitely nut butter & some sort of whole grain carb & a banana.

  3. The cheapest place I found the Garmin 305 was actually at Best Buy. On sale for $149! Amazon has it for ~$155 normally, too. Worth every penny, they are awesome.

  4. WOW! Girl you totally rock! What a great run and beautiful views along the way! Henrietta is so freaking cute. Favorite after run snack- anything and nut butter ;)