Saturday, September 5, 2009

One thing leads to another....

On Wednesday we were informed by my father-in-law on a killer deal for a Whirlpool washer & dryer.  So we of course cannot pass up a great deal!

For most folks that would be the end of it, sell your old ones and wait for the delivery of the new ones. 

Not us. 

They are getting delivered next Friday.

In the meantime we are going to start working on turning this......

Into more of a laundry room. 

Wish us luck.  

So instead of enjoying the beautiful day out...... 
we moved everything out of the laundry storage area
went through everything, created a Goodwill pile
bought & hung drywall... well the hubby hung it... I was attempting to clean our disaster of a house!

The rest of the weekend will involve
mudding & taping
and if we have time sealing the floor with an epoxy paint

Don't you wish you were me??  ;)

At least earlier in the day I got to enjoy the weather, weeding & my bike ride to the natural food store.  Which the store wasn't really as great as I was hoping it would be... so sad.  The selection was kind of ho hum.  :(    Trader Joe's and Whole Foods why oh why can't you be closer!  (well its only really an hour but I hate to drive that far just for food)

Oh well.... 

So eventually I had a late lunch.

-spinach flat out, sundried tomato hummus, slice of provolone
-then I added some spinach after the fact as I felt it needed a little something more....

Dinner tonight was camera shy.... mainly I was exhausted.
 I think I was on my feet too much today and in crappy supporting shoes... so my arches are hurting.  :( 

We don't have much in the fridge, but I threw together a few things....

-Henry & Lisa's Salmon Burgers on ww buns w/laughing cow garlic & herb cheese
-grilled onions, these are some from our CSA that are so sweet and yummy
-steamed asparagus

I'm debating hitting the grocery store, but I may wait till tomorrow.  I need to get the supplies I promised to bring to the party tomorrow.  I think I'll go tomorrow though and instead I might make some deadly, but oh so good King Arthur Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies for the party.   

Then I need to hit the hay, I want to be up and out early for my long run.  Since I'm going to the beach I want to get there before it gets too crowded and so I can find a FREE place to park.  Yes I'm cheap.  :)

Have a great night!!


Lemon drop kick off....

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  :)

Hope your weekend is off to a great start, I know mine was yesterday after work. 

I met some friends out for cocktails, this lovely was how I started my weekend......

Its a lemon drop martini, made with fresh lemon juice.  So good.  Very summery and delicious. We hung out long enough for me to enjoy two, had to wait for the hubby to get done with work. 

Once we all had time for a drink or two we were off to the grocery store.  Luckily our friend Glenn is a great cook so he put us to work searching out items to create a yummy dinner. 

-salad: field greens, tomato & cucumber
-soup: creamy mushroom soup, it was SO GOOD, lots of cream though, fortunately it was a small serving
-main course: chicken marsala w/ pasta
-side: kale & kidney beans w/ garlic (this was surprisingly good)
-dessert: brownie bites

We also managed to polish off a few bottles of wine over the course of the evening.  I made sure to drink plenty of water and take my time.  :)

It was SO SO SO nice to sleep in this morning!  

I really do appreciate my rest days.  Although I guess to some my rest days aren't all that restful.  

First up was a walk with Reggie and then the hubby and I met his family for breakfast.  

-blueberry, banana, walnut pancakes
-1 scrambled egg
-coffee & water

After breakfast I tended to some of the plant barrels downtown, they have been a bit neglected for awhile.  Oh how I love gardening on a median of a busy intersection, bent over, so my bum is sticking out at the world.  LOL

After about an hour I was done.  Then I walked to the library to find it CLOSED for the entire weekend.... ack!  What the heck... so not right!!  The holiday is Monday, not the entire weekend. So sad.  :(   I just returned my books in the drop box and walked back home empty handed.  

Reggie was happy to see me back, but little did he know today was bath day!  He hates baths but at least now I have a squeaky clean pooch.  

Next up a bike ride to the natural food store.... been meaning to go there for quite some time.  Seems the "natural" thing to do is to bike there.  But first I need to rotate the laundry.....

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Older Runner/Fitness Blogs?

I had lunch with my mom today (hi mom!) and we were chatting about blogs.

I think she would make an excellent food & fitness blogger!

She is a HUGE inspiration to me and I think she would be to others as well. Plus her past careers have involved journalism and photography, so I think she would have some great content.

But as I'm trying to find some inspiration for her, I'm having trouble finding fitness, running or healthy food blogs by those of the older generation..... like 60+. Do they exist? Can you recommend one or any? Maybe this is an area folks haven't tapped into yet?

We had lunch at one of our favorite spots....

Along with great tea they have some yummy lunches too!
I had my favorite iced tea ever, iced Geisha Green Tea
-lentil chili
-curried chicken salad w/ bacon on sourdough toasted...... YUM

Tasty lunch. :)

As usual I wolfed mine down in comparison to my mom..... the. slow. eater.

Maybe someday I'll learn to go slower.

So let me know about those "older" blogger folks if you have come across any. :)

Enjoy the rest of your FRIDAY!!!


Don't cry over spilled oats......

This has not been my week for morning kitchen activities.

I think I need to start cooking my oats ahead of time. This morning I was in a rush and did the microwave..... I added too much water when I guesstimated rather than using a measuring cup. When I took my bowl out of the microwave it spilled all over. :(

Guess I'm klutzy in the morning.

Made me realize though I really need to clean my floors.

I was able to salvage most of it though... just a bit liquidy.

-1/4 cup oats
-1/5 cup Hodgson Mills Multi Grain Cereal
-1/2 cup Kashi H2H
-Mix-ins: blueberries, cranberries, walnuts, ground flax, T of AB

Kettlebell this morning was kind blech. Which was sad as it was the last class I will go to at that location. They are moving a couple blocks away to a much bigger space, very exciting! But it was kind of sad to have the last class at the original studio be kinda blah.....
200M run
5 push ups
7 situps
9 air squats
repeat as many times as you could in 7 minutes
(think I did it 5 times, didn't remember to count, oops)
4 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, 5 times
2 cleans each side
4 split squats each side
6 thrusters each side
(I did 3-4 cycles in 4 minutes)
I think doing only 3 exercises is what made it not a fun on. That plus more squats. My legs are still feeling the 200 squats from Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to my rest day tomorrow, hopefully my legs will feel better by Sunday for my long run. I will definitely be hitting the beach on Sunday for my run, I need a change of scenery!
Now to work. I'm sipping on some yummy Jasmine Green Tea, I had a stash of loose leaf in my desk that I had forgotten about. Tea doesn't go bad, does it?
On tap for today.....
-might see if my mom can do lunch, if not I may venture to the natural food store and see what they have for lunch specials
-3M run after work, yes I WILL get my run in
-dinner with friends. :) yay! most likely good wine will be enjoyed. thinking we may bike over to their house.
Happy Friday!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who needs the Discovery Channel.....

When while out for a run you can see a hawk swoop down and catch a fish.....

While on my lunch hour run that is what I saw!

I was just plugging along crossing a bridge that goes over a river when I saw something go flying into the river, by the time I looked the hawk had the fish in his mouth and was heading off.  I love seeing random stuff like that on my runs.  Usually its turkeys or deer, hanging out... not so much action normally. 

My lunch time run was just what the doctor ordered.  I guess that is the one good thing about the cooler weather, I can run at noon time now..... and not die. 

People who run at noon time when its over 90 degrees are stupid... just my opinion.  But blech.  That is just asking for punishment. Plus I would never cool down after that, even with a shower I'd be a drippy mess for quite awhile.  

That is the other thing that allows me to run from work, we have showers!!  Of all the stupid things I question in our building at least they got that right, a locker room.  Although then stupid stepped in.... we aren't allowed to keep anything in the lockers overnight.  PIA.  We used to be able to, but then they changed it.... guess someone complained that those of us who regularly workout were hogging them.  Well now they are essentially useless. Rant over. 


Well you saw my lunch earlier today.  I did have my normal mid-morning snack.

-ww toast w/honey PB
-green tea (I had two cups this size today)
(little shout out to the SC folks... not sure when we got this mug)

I stayed at work a bit late, so no yoga tonight.  :(
Instead I just headed home afterwards, but Reggie was happy to see me.  We pounded the pavement for a walk and then I tended to the flowers & plants.... they needed some water. 

I was rewarded with some lovely fruits of my labor though....

They are all kinda funny shaped, but they look delish!

I had a head of cabbage I needed to use to I made a boat load of cole slaw, which I can bring to a party this weekend.  

-pork w/some mesquite seasoning
-cole slaw: cabbage, carrots, olive oil mayo, S&P,  and white wine vinegar
-steamed zucchini & summer squash

Dinner was accompanied by a glass of Two Buck Chuck.  :)  Love my cheapy wine. But its also cause I didn't have anything chilling in the fridge, could have used a rose or pinot gris tonight.

Very happy tomorrow is Friday AND its a long weekend.  YAY!!  

What do you have planned for the holiday weekend??  Cookouts?  Hanging with friends?

We have a party at my in-laws, some friends are hosting one too....
Gotta get my long run in....
Distributing fliers for my 5K at another race on Monday.....
Putting together my "to do" list for the race... getting down to crunch time
Tending some planters downtown on some traffic islands... been a bit neglectful of them

So it will be a mix of fun, exercise and a little work... but good work.  

Have a great night!!


A FULL team!

My Reach the Beach team is finally complete!

Thank you Artie!! (and thank you E for donating your hubby!)

Now to see where we are at with leg assignments, unfortunately I think I need to be a good captain and take leg 1.

Its kind of a crappy one....
-most total distance
-your longest run is your last run and has the most vertical gain
-if someone drops out due to injury, you are the that needs to fill in after the other van bumps everyone up a space

But at least I should be done first. :)

This morning I slept in.... ahh so nice.... till 6:30. Walked Reggie, made my breakfast and packed my lunch.

-1/4 cup oats
-little less than 1/4 cup Hodgson Mills Multi Grain Cereal
-3/4 cup water
-1/4 milk
- 1 T almond butter
-toppings: walnuts, flax, dried cranberries and blueberries

And my lovely lunch will be this gorgeous salad
-spinach, green beans, red pepper, broccoli, broccosprouts, carrots, feta, dried cranberries and walnuts

Also some of that yummy CSA cantaloupe w/ plain greek yogurt.

Looking forward to my lunch time run!
Its another gorgeous day here, I cannot wait for the weekend!! I should have great weather for my long run this weekend, all 18 miles of it. I think I may head to the beach and run along the ocean, it definitely helps the miles pass by.
I'm semi tempted to go back to yoga again today. Yes I become easily addicted.
I'm also curious to try out my old high school art teachers class though, I noticed she teaches a Hatha class on Thursdays. It might be a bit of a time crunch though.... so we will see. She was a great teacher though, I took photography with her as I'm not very artistically inclined as far as drawing/painting. If I cannot make it I may just dowload something from online.
Do you do yoga? How often do you do it? What benefits have you found from it?

Have a fabulous day!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yay for yoga!!

A couple of friends were headed to a class downtown and I had the feeling it was just what I needed!  

Of course like most things in my life it involved a bit of running around first..... get my yoga mat back from my sister-in-law and get money from the ATM.  Decided all this while walking Reggie about a half hour before class.  :)

It was definitely worth the running around though.  

The class was very relaxing and thoughtful, much different than the ashtanga I did regularly a few years back.

This is the description from the studio's website...

 rasamaya translates as “fluid”; and is a method of movement that focuses on weaving one of the nine major rasas, or major emotions that sustain our life, through an entire flowing class. Rasamaya classes always begin with intention setting and yogic philosophy and may weave discussion, chanting, breathwork and meditation into movement flows that are grounded in the chakra system (or subtle energetic system). The classes are designed to be light hearted, students often remark that these often laughter filled classes are complete in nature and leave the body expanded and the mind grounded. Rasamaya I is perfect for the practitioner looking for a gentle flowing yoga class. After opening the mind, the body is invited to journey into the same expansion as we find our way into a soft asana flow, moving from spine and hip warming exercises, into gentle sun salutes blended with some additional asanas that benefit our body and open our chakras (energy centers). Class will finish with yin posture work and a seated meditation before moving into deep relaxation and savasana. Appropriate for all practitioners, especially those seeking a gentler practice.

Loved it!  

I left feeling so refreshed.  It was also nice to go with friends.  :)

I'm thinking I really need to add some yoga into my weekly schedule.  Might balance out my workouts a bit and get me to stretch more!


I was a green tea drinking machine today. 
I just kept letting the bags multiple as I kept refilling with hot water......

I did have a very small piece of yummy birthday cake at work.  My team loves to celebrate a birthday.  :)  Todays was vanilla cake with a light vanilla frosting drizzled with caramel.  Yum. 
It was a nice light cake.....  taste wise at least.  

After work I ran some errands, picked up some grocery items that I was running low on and to complete some recipes. 

Reggie and I went for a nice long walk, then I was off to yoga.  Aaahhhh.....

Then I headed home to make dinner. 

-baked haddock w/ panko breadcrumbs, little parmesan, garlic, drizzle of olive oil and seafood seasoning
-steamed green beans
-tomato basil salad w/ olive oil and balsamic vinegar

After dinner I finally cut up my delicious cantaloupe from our CSA, so good!  
I snacked on a bit as I chopped.  
Look how cute it is....

I also snacked on another piece of Silken Vanilla Cake... really probably didn't need it after the b-day cake earlier today....  but its hard to go without something sweet at night.  

Curious how my legs are going to feel tomorrow on my run, after doing 200 squats this morning...... eeks.    I think I may run at lunch time, actually running home to walk Reggie and then running back.  Although that involves me getting my lunch made in the morning........  

When do you pack your lunch, the night before or the morning of?  How do you avoid smooshy bread, do you separately pack all your sandwich fixin's?

Have a great night!


I'm a haht breakah

he he....

sorry... I have that photo in my picasa album and it always makes me laugh. not sure why I didn't use it when it was taken.

That is the shirt I bought at the Boston Marathon this year.....
as only a Bostonian could say "Heart Breaker" for conquering Heart Break Hill!

Every year Nike does some fun girlie shirts for the marathon, I tend to go for one of those over the "official race apparel" that Adidas does.

Anyhow back to food stuff....

oh but wait

dentist visit this morning.

Went ok. I need to take better care of my gums though. They aren't perfectly healthy, but no horrible.... yet. So I need to get moving on buying a Sonicare Toothbrush and some different mouthwash.... got keep my lovely teeth & gums happy!!!

Now on to food. Despite my hearty oats for breakfast, I needed a nibble mid-morning.

-ww toast w/ little honey PB
-green tea

Then it was home around noon time to walk Mr. Reggie.... apparently he couldn't wait for me, I found an accident. :( He has been so good lately, not sure what's up.

After cleaning it was time for some lunch. I attempted Elizabeth's "crack wrap", but failed due to lack of time. I just couldn't wait for the melty goodness to happen....I did try but jumped the gun too soon and removed it from the heat too quickly. No melty.....

-light spinach flat out, Sabra hummus, provolone, little turkey (unlike E, I'm not a veggie)
-side of apples w/ a little AB

Then for a treat I grabbed some Silken Vanilla Cake as I headed out. Still not sure how I feel about this.... I may try some of the recipes from Nasoya's site sometime though. Definitely some tastey looking treats to be made with the Silken Creations line.

Back to work. Lucky me, I have NO MEETINGS tonight! Yay!!
What is your favorite "healthy" dessert?

100 push ups before 7 am.....

I was SO tempted to stay in bed this morning.  I debated going to the 5:30 Kettlebell class, but finally wise me said, go now or else it ain't gonna happen. 

Off I went. 

Today's class was more crossfit. 

20 minutes, 2 minutes per round, 10 rounds
5 burpees
10 push ups
15 swings
20 (deep) air squats

thus 100 push ups before 7am.... 

Back in the day I could have hardly done 10 once, let alone 10, 10 times!

Then it was home to walk Reggie a bit more (he got shafted since I got up so late) and eat some breakfast. 

Oats were on my mind again. 

-1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup water
-handful blueberries
-1T almond butter
-1T ground flax
-1T chopped walnuts
-few dried cranberries
-scoop of plain greek yogurt

Unfortunately before work I have a dentist appointment.  Blech.  It usually isn't too bad, but I always get scolded for not flossing enough.... I'm trying to get better about it though!

Crossing fingers its quick and painless.  

Have a great day!!  Its the first day of school here... all the kiddos are back out the bus stops.  

When did kids start school in your area?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weed & Whine (& then wine.....)

That is pretty much what my night consisted of.....

Me and a couple other ladies weeded in front of city hall.  I stayed far FAR away from the vines this time, I got a nasty case of poison ivy back in June and I'm pretty sure it was the vines on the back part of the building.  

We made quick work.  

Then it was time for me to head off to the WHINING portion of the night....luckily that was taking place at City Hall.... Joint Fiscal Committee.  

It has members from the school board and the city council.... with the economy the way it is we didn't get all the funding from the state that was anticipated at the municipal level.  So now its determining where it will come from.... taxpayers, municipal budget, or ack don't say it.... the school budget.  After about 2 hours of go around, we agreed to see if we had any room in our budget through potential cost savings..... ie.  we will see and get back to ya. 

So about 3 hours later I was finally home.....  aahhhh. 


I needed something fast and easy, I had texted the hubby and told him to fend for himself. 

A salmon burger sandwich came to mind. 

-light spinach flat out
-Henry & Lisa salmon burger
-laughing cow garlic herb cheese (my obsession today)
-side of steamed broccoli w/ herbs de Provence and little grated parmesan

After dinner I remembered I had some Silken Vanilla Creations I had to use.... so cake baking it was. Got this from Carrots N' Cake's blog.

Silken Vanilla Cake

Makes 12 pieces


  • 1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup canola oil
  • 1 cup Nasoya Vanilla Silken Creations
  • 1 tbsp baking powder


  • Preheat oven to 350* F.
  • Spray 8 X 8 pan with non-stick cooking spray.
  • Add all ingredients to a large bowl and mix well.
  • Pour mixture into pan.
  • Bake for 25 – 30 minutes or until center is firm.
  • Allow to cool before frosting.
  • Enjoy!
Approximately 140 calories per piece.
Its pretty good..... better than the bean brownies I tried.  ;)

I might actually add a little extra vanilla next time, it could have used just a tad more flavor I think.  

Off to finish my wine and relax a bit more.  Still wound up from meeting!

Have a great night!


Comedy of Errors....

That was my morning....  

I thought I would have all kinds of time this morning, as I decided to run during my lunch break rather than this morning.  I got up about 6:30, got ready and then walked Reggie.  Came back and started to pack my lunch and make breakfast.  

I had put together some overnight oats last night.... but it was so chilly this morning I decided to warm them up, I wanted a nice hot breakfast. As I was running around packing my lunch I failed to monitor the microwave.......

This happened.....  oatmeal throw up....

Shortly after this I managed to dump water all over the kitchen floor, an item the hubby had washed last night had water hiding in when I flipped it over.... it spilled everywhere

But back to my oats.  

I was able to use what didn't get spit up though and made this yummy breakfast.....

-1/2 cup oats and about a cup of milk combined last night (minus what dumped out)
-1/2 cup plain Oikos
-handful blueberries
-sprinkle of dried cranberries & walnuts
-small handful tropical granola
-1T ground flax
-1T almond butter

But at least the oatmeal incident was worth it, made this yummy sandwich for lunch
-spinach flat out
-laughing cow garlic & herb cheese
-sprinkle of dried cranberries (these were key)
Then it was off to work!!

I had meant to blog before heading to work but that didn't happen.  At least my lunch hour run happened and at a fast clip I might add.  

I ran just under 4 miles in about 28 minutes.  I was a woman on a mission today!  
My speed made up for the cooler temperatures and it took me a bit to cool down, so glad our office has showers though!! 

I gobbled up my yummy sandwich and then snacked on my other lunch treats throughout the afternoon. 

-green pepper & string beans (thank you CSA)

-blueberry greek yogurt and TJ's granola bar crumbled
 tried a new brand as it was a bit cheaper.... eh 
 my fave is SF Oikos, but Chobani is ok.... this stuff... I'll pass next time

The day zoomed by.  Now I'm home quickly before heading out to do some weeding at city hall and then I have a Joint Fiscal Committee meeting (exciting stuff... school board & city council... get to point fingers at each other about money).  

Since I'll be gone for at least two hours another snack is required.
-TLC's and some Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese

Race Director.... Team Captain.....

How many hats can one person wear?

As you may know I'm race director of a new 5K in my town in October. Hoping to get at least 300 runners. :)
In addition to that......

I'm currently scrambling to get my Reach the Beach Team together! Crazy me agreed to be the team captain. It appeared we were good to go with our roster of 12, but now we are back down to 11. Eeks! Um anyone want to run a two day relay race with a crazy crew of runners??!!
Reach the Beach is one of those things that involves crazy planning, but is so much fun while also being exhausting!
The basics....
Total Distance: about 200 Miles
Time: depends on how fast you are, last year it took us almost 30 hours... had a few injuries
Where: Northern Mountains of NH to the Ocean at the Southeast corner of the state
What: relay running race with teams of up to 12 runners (there are ultra teams I think as small as 2 runners). Runners rotate through 36 legs, with total mileage for each runner ranging from 13-22 miles. The course starts off with a good amount of hills, as you are in the mountains afterall.

The logistics part can be interesting. We usually rent two large passenger vans, 6 people in each van. One van runs the first 6 legs, the 2nd van waits from them at the transition area and then runs the next 6 legs and so on. These transition areas are where you sleep, eat, cleanup, etc.

The relay goes through the night.... so reflective blinky vests, headlamps and flashlights are required. Definitely a wild experience to be running on a dark road at 2am. Even wilder when its POURING out. Yep, it often seems to rain at this race..... But that just makes it more of an experience.... right?
(have I sold you yet? I know you are dying to do it!)

See how much fun it is....
We decorate our vans.
Team photo at the start.
Wildlife along the way....

Fun blinky vests as the sun starts to go down......

It really is a great experience. Thus why this is our teams (I think) 8th year doing it!
There are quite a few more 24 hour relay races now.... but I believe Reach the Beach and Hood to Coast are the originals. Definitely a fun time. We were discussing possibly doing one in FL, its one of the Ragnar Relay Series that goes from Clearwater to Daytona. Sounds like it might be a tad more flat than NH. ;)
If you have a crew of fun runners I highly recommend a relay. :)
Just be ready for the planning logistics, but its all worth it, I promise!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Planter good, plantar bad.....

Pretty sure I have plantar fasciitis.  :(

And in both feet, but more so my right foot.  For now I'm trying to follow most of the recommendations.... well except for all out rest, who does that?!  ;)   I think new shoes were really what was needed though, but I've also started wearing some inserts in my shoes that are suppose to help.... thank you Dr. Scholls.  

Its not bothering me when I run, its mainly first thing when I get up in the morning and after sitting for awhile.  

So this is what I'm doing
-foot flexes (definitely do this before getting out of bed)
-trying to sleep with my feet not confined under the sheets (avoiding pointing my feet)
-rolling a tennis ball or golf ball under the arch of my foot at my desk

From what I have read and seen from other runners I just need to keep up these exercise and stretches.  Also will add in some of these as well. 

On to the good stuff..... FOOD.

Larabar  :)

I really should probably work more on listening to my hunger cues to see if my afternoon snacks are always needed.  But noon to about 7pm is a long stretch, so I'm thinking they are needed.... but maybe trying something a little lighter than a Larabar?  I also need to get back to my afternoon big cup of green tea. 

Today was fabulous crop share pickup day!!!  The only bad part was that the college kids are back, so that made navigating there a bit more difficult.  But it was SO worth it. 

Look at this spread!!!

Kale, tronchuda cabbage, peppers, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, baby superstar onions, cantaloupe and lots of green beans.  

Good thing we share our crop share with another couple, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do with all of this!  Dinner party?!  ;)  Nah... instead we divvied it up and road our bikes over to our friend's house to deliver their portion. 

Once home it was time to cook!  With all this beautiful kale what do think you I did..... 
Kale chips!

-turkey burgers w/ some spices and grated parmesan cheese served on a sandwich thin
-kale chips w/ ketchup
-tomatoes w/ fresh basil, little olive oil and balsamic vinegar
-grilled baby superstar onions.... these are tasty little buggers

If you haven't figured it out by now, I highly recommend checking out a local farm about a crop share.  I have been so incredibly happy with ours!

Off to stretch my plantar fascia.  

Have a great night!!


Step away from the nut butter.....

Apparently I cannot get enough.... every meal today has involved it so far!

I was up and out for 6am Kettlebell. Today's class was good ease into the week type of class.
Repeated the following 5 times
-heavy press 3/2/1 per side (30lb bells)
-split squats for a minute each side (30lb bell)
-figure 8 to a hold, minute each side (26lb bell)
-elbow touch plank, one minute
-farmers walk, about 100m walk with heavy weight (2 50lb bells)

I was hungry hungry when I got home.

-1 cup plain Oikos
-3/4 cup Kashi H2H
-handful blueberries
-1T almond butter
-1T ground flax
(apparently I was in a rush to eat, got a little motion to the picture)

Then it was time to get ready for work and head out. Fortunately only taking a half day off on Friday meant I didn't have too many emails waiting for me in my inbox, yay!

I felt the need for a little coffee and nut butter #2 of the day.

-iced coffee w/ skim milk and 1 splenda.... yes I cannot kick the splenda habit
-ww toast w/ honey PB

I was running behind this morning and didn't get to make my lunch, so I headed home for it. It was a rather green lunch.....

-spinach flat out, turkey, laughing cow garlic & herb cheese, spinach, wickles and broccosprouts
-granny smith apple
-1T almond butter

Yum! Yes I am addicted to nut butters. :)

Very excited its Crop Share pick up day!!! Cannot wait to see what fun and interesting veggies we have today. Makes Monday's a little nicer.

Do you dread Mondays? What do you do to make them more bearable?

Hope your day is going well.