Friday, September 4, 2009

Older Runner/Fitness Blogs?

I had lunch with my mom today (hi mom!) and we were chatting about blogs.

I think she would make an excellent food & fitness blogger!

She is a HUGE inspiration to me and I think she would be to others as well. Plus her past careers have involved journalism and photography, so I think she would have some great content.

But as I'm trying to find some inspiration for her, I'm having trouble finding fitness, running or healthy food blogs by those of the older generation..... like 60+. Do they exist? Can you recommend one or any? Maybe this is an area folks haven't tapped into yet?

We had lunch at one of our favorite spots....

Along with great tea they have some yummy lunches too!
I had my favorite iced tea ever, iced Geisha Green Tea
-lentil chili
-curried chicken salad w/ bacon on sourdough toasted...... YUM

Tasty lunch. :)

As usual I wolfed mine down in comparison to my mom..... the. slow. eater.

Maybe someday I'll learn to go slower.

So let me know about those "older" blogger folks if you have come across any. :)

Enjoy the rest of your FRIDAY!!!


1 comment:

  1. I'd follow your mom's blog!

    I am jealous of your PTC lunch... I've got to get back over there. I'm all out of Sweet Almond Tea - unacceptable! ;)