Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who needs the Discovery Channel.....

When while out for a run you can see a hawk swoop down and catch a fish.....

While on my lunch hour run that is what I saw!

I was just plugging along crossing a bridge that goes over a river when I saw something go flying into the river, by the time I looked the hawk had the fish in his mouth and was heading off.  I love seeing random stuff like that on my runs.  Usually its turkeys or deer, hanging out... not so much action normally. 

My lunch time run was just what the doctor ordered.  I guess that is the one good thing about the cooler weather, I can run at noon time now..... and not die. 

People who run at noon time when its over 90 degrees are stupid... just my opinion.  But blech.  That is just asking for punishment. Plus I would never cool down after that, even with a shower I'd be a drippy mess for quite awhile.  

That is the other thing that allows me to run from work, we have showers!!  Of all the stupid things I question in our building at least they got that right, a locker room.  Although then stupid stepped in.... we aren't allowed to keep anything in the lockers overnight.  PIA.  We used to be able to, but then they changed it.... guess someone complained that those of us who regularly workout were hogging them.  Well now they are essentially useless. Rant over. 


Well you saw my lunch earlier today.  I did have my normal mid-morning snack.

-ww toast w/honey PB
-green tea (I had two cups this size today)
(little shout out to the SC folks... not sure when we got this mug)

I stayed at work a bit late, so no yoga tonight.  :(
Instead I just headed home afterwards, but Reggie was happy to see me.  We pounded the pavement for a walk and then I tended to the flowers & plants.... they needed some water. 

I was rewarded with some lovely fruits of my labor though....

They are all kinda funny shaped, but they look delish!

I had a head of cabbage I needed to use to I made a boat load of cole slaw, which I can bring to a party this weekend.  

-pork w/some mesquite seasoning
-cole slaw: cabbage, carrots, olive oil mayo, S&P,  and white wine vinegar
-steamed zucchini & summer squash

Dinner was accompanied by a glass of Two Buck Chuck.  :)  Love my cheapy wine. But its also cause I didn't have anything chilling in the fridge, could have used a rose or pinot gris tonight.

Very happy tomorrow is Friday AND its a long weekend.  YAY!!  

What do you have planned for the holiday weekend??  Cookouts?  Hanging with friends?

We have a party at my in-laws, some friends are hosting one too....
Gotta get my long run in....
Distributing fliers for my 5K at another race on Monday.....
Putting together my "to do" list for the race... getting down to crunch time
Tending some planters downtown on some traffic islands... been a bit neglectful of them

So it will be a mix of fun, exercise and a little work... but good work.  

Have a great night!!



  1. SC folk right here! yayyy palm trees :) Glad you had such a nice run at lunchy. Love vinegary coleslaws so yummy. I need to pickup some cabbage! For labor day weekend, our plans are sort of up in the air! On actual labor day, we are going to my Aunts house for a bday party for me :)

  2. I love wildlife encounters! :)

    Beautiful maters... congrats girlie!