Saturday, August 22, 2009

Slack slack....

Yes I'm a slacker... again.  I started a post yesterday and then got a bit side tracked.  I'll try again.  :)

 We had our department outing on Friday, it always gets done early so we usually venture to some waterside bars afterwards.  That meant by 2:30 I was already drinking a lovely rum punch aka Jimmy Juice.  It was my splurge of the day, drink wise.  This tiny bar deck is well known for it and I haven't had one ALL SUMMER, so it was time.  I r
eally should have snapped a picture but forgot.  :(    All is not lost though as the good people of Taste the Seacoast have info on their site.....  Jimmy Juice.  Little slice of summer heaven right there. 

It was unbelievably hot out and there was no breeze on the deck.... an odd occurrence as usually by the water there is some breeze.  So after finishing our Jimmy Juice we headed next door to a mexican place next door.  I decided a margarita after a stiff rum drink was a bad idea.  So instead I did a Corona Light... it screams summer to me, its not the greatest tasting beer in the world but it is good on a hot day.  

Eventually it was time to head home.  But the rest of the normal working world was just getting out of work for the day, so I met up with some friends back at little bar near my house.  I was good and got water.  Once my hubby was out we tried to figure out a game plan and decided to grill at our friend's house and watch the Red Sox v. Yankees game.  We did burgers, dogs, potato salad and some mixed veggies.  I had a lovely burger on a perfectly toasted deli roll, so good!  The potato salad was excellent  as well, made with CSA potatoes and onion.  (but all were camera shy).  I had some wine with dinner, but soon I the day was catching up to me.  We left before the end of the game.  (but at least it was going well for us Yankees fans)

Yesterday was a big day.  So I had to get started with a yummy breakfast, our traditional Saturday breakfast at a place down the street.  

-Blueberry pancakes w/ one egg scrambled on the side.  Yum.  I really should have just ordered 1 pancake, they are so huge!

After breakfast I ran some errands, got my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed (ouch!  but they look so much better now).  At one the hubby got done with a little work for the day and it was off to get my lovely NEW car (well new to me). 

My beautiful 2006 Honda Pilot

I really don't drive that much during the week or even the weekend, but when we do road trips we always seem to be crunched for space.  Poor Reggie was always surrounded by stuff.  Hopefully now we will have a bit more room for us all and kiddos once we get to that point.  For now we will just pack the car full of friends and family!  :)

As for today, it was my long run day.... but not as long as last week thankfully.  I only had 10 miles planned.  I decided to stick around my town rather then heading to the beach, although the hubby and I may hit the beach later. 

I ate a couple small handfuls of Kashi Heart to Heart and then was on my way.  In my lovely NEW shoes, this was a week of new stuff I guess.  I took a couple scenic shots along the way....

About the half way point....

Railtrail near the end.... crosses an old railroad bridge. 

I was hungry hungry after my run, so I did a green monster & some cereal

Green Monster- spinach, milk, ice, banana, blueberries, ground flax & almond butter
Cereal- Kashi H2H, cantaloupe, strawberries, almond butter and low fat cottage cheese. 

Love how the cottage cheese looks like puffy clouds. 

Well now to take care of a few things around the house and then head to the beach!!  

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend. 


Friday, August 21, 2009

Will run for beer..... and a t-shirt

Sorry didn't get to blog last night, I was too pooped after work, the 10K and then heading out to meet up with the hubby.

The race went fairly well. It wasn't too hot, I think by the start it was under 80 degrees out and by the end of the race the sea breeze had kicked up a bit. This is one of the few mid-week night races I'll do during the summer since its by the ocean.

I MET my goal, I wanted to do better than my last 10K in June and I did! Yay me! :)

I did it in 46:10 which is a 7:28 pace average. Last 10K I did in 47:06 which was a 7:35 pace. So I'm happy. Still no PR, but that is a-ok.

This race is bit different for the area as they actually have FREE BEER at the end and you can get more than one if you want. Fortunate for me the guy I was next to in line grabbed two and shared. That is the other different thing, not everyone gets a t-shirt. Only a certain % within each division get a shirt, since that % is based on your time you don't get the shirt till the end. Sooner you hop in line the better chances you have of getting the right size. So you line up and wait for them to start handing them out, one year I forgot this and got stuck with an XL. So I was sure to hop RIGHT into line..... I was the first woman. :) But I didn't hit the beer area first forgetful me, lucky for me the guy in front of me did and shared. Although in hindsight I probably should have gone for water right after the race.... not beer. Oopsie.

So recap of earlier in the day.

My green monster held me ok, but still needed a mid- morning snack

-sandwhich thin toasted w/ The Bee's Knees PB
-iced coffee w/ 1 sugar in the raw

For lunch I headed home, had to take Reggie for a noon time walk.

I opted for a turkey pesto wrap again.


  • flat out
  • turkey
  • pesto
  • tomato
  • red pepper
  • side of carrots w/ lil almond butter

Also during lunch I ventured to the natural food store & pharmacy in search of Amazing Grass, according to Amazing Grass they carried it.... unfortunately they did not have. :( Bummer. I did pick up some Agave Nectar though. And since I paid w/ cash they treated me to a chocolate. SWEET (literally)!!

I didn't really get the bug bites thing till I opened it. They have a little card inside with the chocolate featuring an endangered bug, mine was the Latern Bug. So I got a little education on that bug on the back of the card.

I plugged on through the work day and eventually had to fuel up a bit for my 10K, so a larabar was in order. New flavor for me, Cinnamon Roll. LOVE! Definitely will get that flavor again!

So then it was off to the race! It started at 6pm and was sold out, so I had to get there early to park and get my number. Saw some running friends and my mom. We discussed the big NYC trip, we are both so excited.

Like I said after the race I had a BEER, probably about 16oz of light whatever it was... never actually did get myself over to the beer truck. I also chowed on some watermelon, it was very yummy. But it was starting to cool off a bit more and the sea breezed kicked up a bit and I was wet from dumping water on myself during the race (it wasn't 100% intended, I was just being sloppy with my drinking while running). I did put on my new shirt, but still felt wet and gross, so I headed home. Later I found out my mom placed 3rd in her age group with a time of 54:54, stiff competition among those 60-69 year olds!!

On my way home I heard from the hubby that the function he was at was over but he and a friend were going to grab dinner at the restaurant it was held at. So I quickly headed home, showered and dropped Reggie off at my in-laws.... he had been home alone for too long so I asked if they could watch him for a bit.

I was SO HUNGRY by the time I reached the reastuarant. It is a steakhouse but I really didn't want steak... I did want something filling though. I opted for the pulled pork sandwich off of the bar menu. HOLY HUGE sandwich!!!


  • herbed roll
  • pulled pork
  • coleslaw
  • mixed fries-sweet potato & regular

I only ate about half the sandwich, few fries and a little slaw. It was just way too much food!

Also had a yummy glass of Pinot Noir.... YUM.

A full tummy definitely did me in and I was ready for bed, thus no blog. Plus I had to be up and out for 6am Kettlebell this morning!!

Today's class was simple but challenging.
10 Rounds as fast as you could

  • 7 double cleans
  • 14 pushups
  • 21 knees to chest crunches

Then we did 4 different types of planks, holding for 45 seconds.

  • regular
  • side planks, 45 each side
  • bird dogs
  • reverse plank

I think kettlebell is definitely helping me get some rock hard abs! Wonder why? ;-)

After showering I did another Green Monster for breakfast. This mornings variation included...

  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk
  • little ice
  • handful of blueberries
  • cup of cantaloupe
  • 2t ground flax

Two thumps UP!

Happy Friday, have a great day!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kermit obviously wasn't drinking one of these......

A Green Monster Smoothie!

It is easy to be green....... with a green monster smoothie. :)

Yes I have been slow to try it, how could it possibly be good.... its GREEN, it involves a lot of spinach in the morning and with banana.... what?

Well I'm sold, its delicious.... even my sorry attempt.

Today's Green Monster

  • couple handfuls of spinach
  • about 3/4 of a frozen banana
  • 1T almond butter
  • cup of milk
  • 2t ground flax seed

YUM!!! I cannot wait to try other mix ins. I keep meaning to get to an herbal pharmacy near me that carries Amazing Grass, from what I see in the bloggosphere its a popular thing to add.

Oh and some AMAZING wonderful news for me. My mom and step-dad are going to join me in NYC when I run the marathon..... AND pay my way!!! They are going to buy my ticket and pay for the hotel room, holy cow! I am so blessed (and spoiled) to have such a great family. :)

They are marathon junkies themselves (as I have mentioned) and want to experience what its like in NYC for the marathon.... PLUS my big bro lives there! So its also a chance to finally visit him in the big city and see what his life is like there! Yay, that just makes me even more excited for the race now.

Speaking of races, I have that 10K tonight. Hope all goes well.... may have to blog late once again tonight!

Have a fabulous day!!!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Never assume a meeting will be short......

Cause then it won't be!   

My little snack before my 6:30 meeting was never meant to tide me over till 10pm, blah!   
Ah local city politics, never can be done quickly. 

I was SO HAPPY to finally get home and EAT EAT EAT!!!   :)

So recap of the day....

Mid Morning SNACK
-1/2 whole wheat sandwich thin w/ Bee's Knees Peanut Butter
-iced coffee w/ skim milk and 1 sugar

I headed home to walk the pooch, Reggie appreciated the ability to make a pit stop.  ;)
Made myself a lovely sandwich...
-flat out, turkey, FRESH pesto, tomato, spinach and sprouts
-side o' carrots

The pesto ROCKS by the way!

Very satisfying lunch...although I still needed a mid afternoon snack after a couple of marathon conference calls and then an urgent project dumped on me.  

-nectarine & Kashi Honey Almond Flax granola bar

Things ran late at work... I didn't get to leave till 5:30.  That left me with less than an hour till my city meeting.  :(   I tried to use my time wisely and cut up a cantaloupe I hadn't gotten to yet, snacked on a little bit of that.... but not enough to tide me over till 10pm unfortunately.  

6:30-10 is too long of a meeting.  At least in my book.  
I needed something good and fast when I got home,  another sandwich was in order. 

-flat out, turkey, provolone, hummus, tomato and sprouts
-side of cottage cheese & melon

I really should start packing snacks, this not eating till 10pm on a weeknight is just not good.  Plus now I'm a bit wound and cannot get to sleep.  Fortunately I don't have to workout at 6am tomorrow (sleep in till 7!)..... unfortunately I have a 10K race at 6pm tomorrow night, crossing fingers that the weather cools down a bit OR it is cooler by the ocean.  

It will be interesting to also see how my spaghetti legs hold up tomorrow night at the race.  I haven't raced in awhile so it will be interesting to see where I am at... especially with a 10K.  The last 10K I did was in June and definitely was not my fastest, did it in 47:06..... so my goal tomorrow will be to improve on that.  I don't think a PR is in my future at the moment, but at least I have a goal!

Hope you had a great day!


Spaghetti Legs

Eeks... I'm walking a bit funny after this morning's kettlebell class. I'm scared to think of how they will feel tomorrow night when I have a 10K race!

This mornings class was a great workout.... heavy upper body, little abs and lots of lunges.

After a warm up, we did the following 5 x's
Heavy Presses 1/1, 2/2/, 3/3
Heavy Rows 1/1, 2/2, 3/3
Figure 8's for 1 minute
Hip Drop Planks 30 seconds
50 walking lunges

250 lunges = spaghetti legs

The foam roller was my friend at the end, made sure to roll my quads out good!

Headed home, showered and packed up my breakfast to bring to work. I haven't had any greek yogurt yet this week, the horror!

-plain Oikos, blueberries, strawberries, ground flax, almond butter, Kashi H2H and some caribbean granola
-keeping the cereal separate till I get to work

I'm REALLY hoping the hot weather breaks a bit tomorrow night. The race is partially along the ocean so sometimes there is a nice breeze, but after my hot long run on Sunday by the ocean I know not to count on that.

Have a fabulous day, its hump day yay!!!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pesto Perfect!

Long day, although it could have been longer....thankfully I had one of my post work meetings cancelled, yay!!  I still managed not to get home though till almost 8pm though.  I swear time just disappears when I leave work!

Speaking of work, review of today's earlier eats. 

My breakfast held me fairly well but I did get a bit hungry and I had errands to run at lunch time so I had a snack. 

Another new product, a Mrs. May's Naturals Trio bar!  
It has 3 nuts, 3 fruits and 3 seeds.  
This was their Tropical Flavor.  

I like that you can actually identify all the nuts in it!

Verdict: Yummy!  
A little hard, its not a soft chewy bar.... it does stick to your teeth a bit.  But it was good.  
I'll try them again I think. 

I spent my lunch hour doing oh so exciting errands such as going to the bank and grabbing something at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I'm amazed at the folks that are still out running during their lunch hour.... 94 degrees and close to 100% humidity.... no thank you!  I much prefer to get up early and run when it isn't a million degrees out!

I headed back to work and my delicious salad.  
A bit of a repeat of yesterday.....
-tomato & black bean quinoa salad, guacamole, spinach, carrots, red pepper, broccoli & sprouts


However, a little while later after reading some other food blogs..... and seeing all the tasty treats from the Healthy Living Summit...... I needed a COOKIE!!

PB cookie

But I still had my orange to eat as well..... and I did as it was going to be a crazy busy evening and dinner would be late. 

After work I 
  • had a 5K race committee meeting
  • weeded downtown w/ my volunteer group I organize
  • met up with the race course certification guy
  • hit the grocery store for some parmesan cheese for pesto making
  • picked up the pooch from the in-law's house

I was so happy to finally get home, but sadden to see the hubby hadn't started dinner (he did take out the trash & empty the dishwasher though).  So needed to do something quick. 

Cod, corn on the cob & left over red potatoes from last night. 

  • cut into individual portions
  • lemon zest on each, about half a lemon on each portion
  • lemon juice on each, again about half a lemon each portion
  • sprinkle of Crab Bay Co. Herbs for Seafood
Wrapped each up in foil and threw it on a grill for maybe 8 minutes or so.  
Set the table on the deck since it was such a beautiful night.

Tada dinner!  Sorry for the crappy picture....  bad lighting with my camera picture, so iphone picture instead.  

After cleaning up dinner it was time to tackle the basil and make some pesto. 
Remember my huge bunch of basil........

With some recipe input from Elizabeth and some kitchen assistance from the hubby, 
I have this.......

Pesto (I made two batches)
  • 2 cups packed basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 3 medium sized garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated parmesan
  • 1/3 cup olive oil (recipe called for 1/2 cup)
  • salt &  pepper
 Combine the basil in with the pine nuts, pulse a few times in a food
processor. (If you are using walnuts instead of pine nuts and they are
not already chopped, pulse them a few times first, before adding the
basil.) Add the garlic, pulse a few times more.

 Slowly add the olive oil in a constant stream while the food
processor is on. Stop to scrape down the sides of the food processor
with a rubber spatula. Add the grated cheese and pulse again until
blended. Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Makes 1 cup.

I am official TIRED.  Need to get some shut eye so I'll be all lovely for 6am kettlebell tomorrow morning.  ;-)



Veggie Love.....

Good Morning!!

Its a muggy one here today.  While out for my run it was a bit eerie the way the mist was hovering over a field.  All I could see when I looked out over the field was mist and the sun trying to come through.  I love that I can run by a farm just a little over a mile from my house, meanwhile I basically live downtown.  I said hi to the cows and horses and headed home, completing just under 5 miles.  

I made sure to water my poor plants this morning.... the heat & humidity has definitely made them all a little wilty.  My tomatoes seem to be hanging in there though. 

Breakfast this morning was oats again, no nut butter jar to put them in though. 
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • blueberries & strawberries
  • few walnuts
  • 1 t ground flax
  • 1 T almond butter

As promised last night.... crop share veggie photos.  Gotta love the veggie photos!  

Buying a crop share this year was the BEST thing!  I am loving the variety and how FRESH everything is.  Definitely look into one near you if you haven't already.  Plus it just feels good to help support a local farm.  
Check out how HUGE this basil is and this is only 1/2 of what we got (since we split our crop share with friends).  I will be a pesto making machine tonight!!

Have a fabulous day!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Grey skies are going to clear up.....

So put on a happy face.  :)  

Ugh.. I swear I am so tired of bad news.  I won't bring my blog down, but its a definite reminder that life is short and you must live every day to the fullest!!!

So back to the wonderful world of FOOD!

I had my first Pure Bar today, after hearing about them on Iowa Girl Eats.  I noticed them at the grocery store the other day and thought I'd give them a whirl.  I had a Cherry Cashew bar. 

Verdict- I prefer Larabars.  The Pure Bar was more expensive and it was almost like another flavor of a Larabar in the end.  If I couldn't find a Larabar and all they had were Pure Bars, I would it it... but I'd pick a Lara over a Pure if given the opportunity I think.  

I was in such a rush this morning I forgot to pack lunch, so I headed home at lunch time to throw something together.  

big ol' salad
-left over quinoa salad, spinach, left over guacamole, sprouts, Wickles, carrots and broccoli 

That salad ROCKED!!!

But then it was time to get back to work.  I labored away.....  and eventually need a mid-afternoon snack.  
-green tea

And then more green tea and a Kashi granola bar
Apparently I was hungry today!

I stayed at work a bit later than normal, but got home in time to meet my friend and divy up our crop share goodies.  Unfortunately you'll have to wait till tomorrow for the veggie glamour shots.... they are on my camera, yes I usually slack and use my iphone... I really need to use the camera more!

After getting over the shock of how beautiful all the veggies were and how HUGE the basil bunch was (seriously I'm going to be a pesto making machine tomorrow night), I started on dinner. 

  • wild Alaskan salmon w/ lemon, lemon zest, garlic, basil and olive oil wrapped in foil on the grill
  • red potatoes wrapped in foil on the grill w/ olive oil, parsley and a little basil too
  • tomato salad: tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil

Yes if you did not involve basil or olive oil you were not part of tonight's dinner!
Very yummy. 

So based on my food choices today, can you guess what book I'm reading.... Oats, Blueberries, Broccoli, Orange, Salmon, Tomato, Tea, Spinach, Nut Butter.



If you guessed Superfoods Rx by Dr. Pratt & Kathy Matthews you are correct!

Honestly I kinda knew a lot of this already, but I think its good to help drive it home and also just knowing something is one thing..... but to actually put it into practice and make a lifestyle choice is another.  

Plus if I can make wise food choices now and possibly prevent future illness/disease, I am all for it.  The bonus part is all these foods taste so good!!

What are some of you favorite "good food" reads?  

Have a great night!


Jar O' Oats....

Ahh.... finally a good night's sleep!

I actually managed to go to bed before 11pm last night... actually I think it was closer to 10pm!

I woke up just before my alarm went off at 5:25 this morning. Just enough time for me to get dressed, fix myself up a bit, walk the dog and then fly out the door to Kettlebell.

This morning's kettlebell session was hot & sticky, the owner forgot to turn the a/c on last night. We were all dripping in no time, ick. It was a great work out though, even the "warm up" was a bit of a challenge!

Warm Up
Run 400m
5 air squats
8 pushups
10 situps
10 spiderman stretches each side
all done 4 times

Workout- How many rounds you could do in 20 minutes
Turkish Get Ups- 2x's per side
Lunges- 4x's per leg
American Swings x 12
Thrusters 8x's per side

6am is way to early for me to be keeping track of my rounds... so I just kept going and didn't count. :)

After some stretching I headed home, showered up and got ready for work. I decided to finally try a jar-o-oats. I had the perfect almost empty jar of almond butter.
  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • whatever almond butter was in there, 2 tablespoons?
  • couple handfuls of blueberries
  • (ack! forgot my ground flax)
This is what I have planned for my mid-morning snack. My first PURE bar ever!
I'll report back.

Hope you have a great Monday!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool Crasher!

When I wasn't running, eating or sleeping this weekend.... I was doing this.....

No idea how I ever survived living in NOLA during the summer. This weekend's heat and humidity drove me to crash my friend's pool.... Saturday and today. I just couldn't take it. Of course the fact that we don't have central a/c doesn't help either. But still it seems sad to be inside on a bright sunny day, at least the pool allowed me to be outside and not wilt.

This morning before hitting the pool, I headed to the beach for a run! It was close to 80 when I got up at 6:30 so the ocean seemed like a good place to be.... only problem was that it was hot there too and rather calm, so not too much of a sea breeze.

Before leaving the house, I had big glass of water & this......
Cliff Bar
Breakfast Part I

I ventured over with my mom & step dad, they had a 12 mile run planned and I was going to do 15. So figured we would all get done around the same time going at our own paces. I loaded up with my 4 bottles of water on my fuel belt & 2 packages of Just Plain Gu.

Some scenic shots......

I love running along the ocean, its so beautiful! Plus its nice as there are restrooms & water fountains along the way too. The side walks around the beaches were packed (where are all these people when I run this same route in the dead of winter.... wimps).

My step-dad has been through a lot the past year or so, its amazing actually that he is running, let alone training for another marathon. (I'll get to that story some day too) But he listened to his body and played it safe, he only felt up to 10 miles..... so that is all he and my mom ran. Meanwhile crazy me did 16 instead of 15. I met them back at the car and decided to snap a few pictures before heading home.

I got good genes, hopefully I'm looking THIS amazing when I'm 64!


Me & My Mom

Love running with my mom as she always had lots of post run snacks.
Breakfast Part II

Half of a sandwich thin w/ PB, chopped walnuts, ground flax and a little honey YUM!!!

It felt so good to take a shower when I got home. But I still needed something a bit more to eat.

Breakfast Part III
-2 eggs scrambled w/ broccoli, provolone, scallions and proscuitto
-half a sandwich thin toasted

After finally finishing my last breakfast of the day, I started laundry, took the dog for a walk and then hit the grocery store. I needed to cool off and this popsicle hit the spot, yum raspberry!

I packed up and headed to my friends house with the hubby to lounge in the pool. I had some camera shy green grapes & crackers. Also enjoyed a vodka & grapefruit flavored soda water.

After lounging for almost 3 hours it was time to head home, clean up and venture over to my in-laws for dinner. It was the perfect dinner for a hot night, nice and light......

-grilled haddock
-corn on the cob
-tomato & basil salad w/ balsamic vinegar & olive oil
-field greens w/ cucumbers, blueberries, lil balsamic vinaigrette
My father-in-law LOVES ice cream so he insisted we go get some after dinner.... who am I to argue with him?

Strawberry Cheesecake Fro Yo..... meant to order a kiddie, accidentally ordered a small, oopsie.

I am so pooped after my run & all the sun today, gotta hit the hay early tonight!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!