Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Yay for yoga!!

A couple of friends were headed to a class downtown and I had the feeling it was just what I needed!  

Of course like most things in my life it involved a bit of running around first..... get my yoga mat back from my sister-in-law and get money from the ATM.  Decided all this while walking Reggie about a half hour before class.  :)

It was definitely worth the running around though.  

The class was very relaxing and thoughtful, much different than the ashtanga I did regularly a few years back.

This is the description from the studio's website...

 rasamaya translates as “fluid”; and is a method of movement that focuses on weaving one of the nine major rasas, or major emotions that sustain our life, through an entire flowing class. Rasamaya classes always begin with intention setting and yogic philosophy and may weave discussion, chanting, breathwork and meditation into movement flows that are grounded in the chakra system (or subtle energetic system). The classes are designed to be light hearted, students often remark that these often laughter filled classes are complete in nature and leave the body expanded and the mind grounded. Rasamaya I is perfect for the practitioner looking for a gentle flowing yoga class. After opening the mind, the body is invited to journey into the same expansion as we find our way into a soft asana flow, moving from spine and hip warming exercises, into gentle sun salutes blended with some additional asanas that benefit our body and open our chakras (energy centers). Class will finish with yin posture work and a seated meditation before moving into deep relaxation and savasana. Appropriate for all practitioners, especially those seeking a gentler practice.

Loved it!  

I left feeling so refreshed.  It was also nice to go with friends.  :)

I'm thinking I really need to add some yoga into my weekly schedule.  Might balance out my workouts a bit and get me to stretch more!


I was a green tea drinking machine today. 
I just kept letting the bags multiple as I kept refilling with hot water......

I did have a very small piece of yummy birthday cake at work.  My team loves to celebrate a birthday.  :)  Todays was vanilla cake with a light vanilla frosting drizzled with caramel.  Yum. 
It was a nice light cake.....  taste wise at least.  

After work I ran some errands, picked up some grocery items that I was running low on and to complete some recipes. 

Reggie and I went for a nice long walk, then I was off to yoga.  Aaahhhh.....

Then I headed home to make dinner. 

-baked haddock w/ panko breadcrumbs, little parmesan, garlic, drizzle of olive oil and seafood seasoning
-steamed green beans
-tomato basil salad w/ olive oil and balsamic vinegar

After dinner I finally cut up my delicious cantaloupe from our CSA, so good!  
I snacked on a bit as I chopped.  
Look how cute it is....

I also snacked on another piece of Silken Vanilla Cake... really probably didn't need it after the b-day cake earlier today....  but its hard to go without something sweet at night.  

Curious how my legs are going to feel tomorrow on my run, after doing 200 squats this morning...... eeks.    I think I may run at lunch time, actually running home to walk Reggie and then running back.  Although that involves me getting my lunch made in the morning........  

When do you pack your lunch, the night before or the morning of?  How do you avoid smooshy bread, do you separately pack all your sandwich fixin's?

Have a great night!


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  1. Hey girl! I agree...I need more yoga in my life. Totally makes my legs feel better after pushing them with running and lots of cardio. Your dinner looks good. I'm not sure I've ever had haddock before. I thought all the cantaloupe sales would be over this past week, but harris teeter just came out with 99 cent cantaloupes! I'm going to get some today ;)

    I pack my whole lunch and most of Josh's the night before. I do more salads and veggie bowls. I make his sammy in the morning