Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maxing and Relaxing......

What a lovely day yesterday was and today at least started out beautiful. Before I revisit yesterday I'll share a little of my run this morning.......

I decided to venture down a new street and found a nice little spot to enjoy the view.

Another nice view... my lunch from yesterday. :)
*flat out wrap

with a side of carrots.

It was a later lunch than normal for me, but laying in the sun relaxing wasn't making me too hungry I guess.

Then it was back to chilling on the deck with Reggie.

But then I got the munchies and was a pit thirsty..... however that thirst was for more than just water.... a nice afternoon glass of malbec rose w/ my strawberries & cucumbers.

After a day of lounging, my sister-in-law and I headed out to the Truro Vineyard for a special wine tasting and appetizer event. We sat with 3 ladies who actually are from just a couple towns over from us in NH. We chatted about restaurants, wine and people we knew in common. Very fun night!

I'm a slacker though and failed to take a picture of our wonderful food. But here is the menu for the evening. It was delish! The smoked bluefish app was amazing!!!

After the tasting we quickly headed back to the vacation house to watch the sunset from the roof deck..... with another glass of malbec rose (I'm on vacation... I like my wine).

After watching the lovely sunset we were a still a little hungry so.... we made a fruit & cheese plate that was camera shy.
*green grapes
*sharp cheddar
*monteray jack

Then it was off to bed to read!

This morning I got up and did about a 4 mile run after walking Reggie. I took the photo at the top along my way. I got a wee bit lost for a bit but my handy dandy iPhone with GPS told me where I was. Love that iPhone!!!

I showered up when I got back and grabbed a snack sized Luna bar and headed off to the flea market with my in-laws. I got myself a t-shirt and some old post cards for the hubby, they are off Churchill Downs... he loves the Triple Crown races.

Then it was back home for a real breakfast..... (missing from this photo is an evil but delicious coconut & frosting covered donut.... it was from a cute little local donut shop... I just had to try it)

Well its 2pm and I'm still not hungry yet. So I'm headed out for a walk to work up an appetite!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I am here.....

Beautiful Cape Cod at a family member's vacation house. Life is good.

But before I got here life was a bit hectic, therefore I cannot discuss today's eats until after I revisit Tuesday.... the good, the bad and the ugly (well not THAT ugly, but fast food rarely is pretty).

After getting maybe 4.5 hours of sleep Monday night I was up and out the door at 5:50am headed to Kettlebell. It was a great class though, simple but good. We started out with some easy warm ups and then did a few exercises to practice form and then a drill to give us an idea that we can lift more than we think. I was able to do a swing with an 88lb bell!!

So the workout portion was simple as I said, do as many rounds of the following in 20 minutes. Sounds so "easy" right. LOL

15 American Swings (used about a 15lb bell I think)
10 chest to knees situps
5 ring rows

I am incredibly bad at keeping track of how many rounds I do at 6am. But it was more than enough to tire me out!

Then it was off to work where I showered and got ready, rather than heading home which lately seems to be a black hole where time flies and I scramble to get to work on time. Yesterday I really wanted to leave work early to pack up the car.

So breakfast was from the cafe.... oats, cranberries, lil brown sugar and skim milk... oh and iced coffee.
I had a bit of a crazy morning complete with a meeting with upper management to add maybe two sentences on a project. Also trying to tie up loose ends before I left. I really was not in the mood for another cafe lunch so I ran home quickly to make a lunch and also get some snacks ready for the long drive after work.

My lovely desk lunch....
* Flat Out Wrap
* Garden Burger
* Sharp Cheddar
* Lettuce
* Orange Peppers
* Tomato
* Lil Hummus


To complete my lunch I had lots o' water and eventually this.... not the prettiest but mango, greek yogurt and lil flax

So after being sick of sitting at my desk all day I was very happy to head home and pack up the car. Unfortunately my wonderful hubby is stuck home till Thursday due to a work meeting. :( I was proud of myself for loading up the car with all the food, clothes, supplies and the dog in a orderly fashion and left room for a co-pilot (we are vacationing with my in-laws, don't worry I like them).

I snacked on a few camera shy celery sticks and orange pepper while driving. But was super hungry by the time we reached....... McDonalds. Yes after driving about 3 hours we hit up a dreaded fast food joint.

I needed more than a salad so I went for the snack wraps, I got two chipolte bbq grilled chicken ones. Of course after I had devoured one I looked at the nutritional info.... oh well, better than a big mac I guess. So I had two of these, at the time they were fabulous.
After dinner we had almost an hour more left to drive. But with my tummy full and a diet coke I was good to go. Yes gotta have the occasional diet coke.

We arrived at the house where we went straight to work unloading the car, unpacking the food, unpacking our clothes and supplies for the week. After about an hour and half of running around it was finally time to relax and do that I'm on vacation.....sigh....

Even better when you have a tasty glass of Malbec Rose.....

Did a little reading and hit the hay.

Moving on to today.... what the heck am I doing typing this, its gorgeous out!! But I need a little break from the sun.

I woke to a gorgeous morning with a lovely breeze and hardly a cloud in the sky (note picture at the top). So after walking the pooch, Reggie, I had to go for a run... an easy 3 miler.

I was definitely ready for a great breakfast after my run, so I did my fav....
*Kashi Heart to Heart
*Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt
*Lil' Ground Flax
*Spoonful of Almond Butter

Several glasses of water and a couple cups of coffee.

Not sure what lunch will be.... but for now I must resume my stressful day of lying in a the sun reading a book on the deck, while overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

Hope y'all are having a great day too!!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My shy food

Ok, so day one of this blogging adventure involved some shy food.... hopefully today goes better.

Yesterday was a crazy busy day, up at 5:15 to walk the dog and feed him before running off to the Kettlebell gym for a 6am workout. Thankfully Kettlebell was a high cardio class and involved more running than your typical class, so I didn't feel the need to squeeze a run in later in the day. This was the workout....

21 Push Press
400 Meter Run
18 Push Press
400 meter Run
15 Push Press
400 Meter Run
12 Push Press
400 Meter Run
9 Push Press
400 Meter Run
6 Push Press
400 Meter Run
3 Push Press
400 Meter Run

Took about 16 minutes, but first started with about a 15 minute warm up. I believe I used the 8KG weights so 17.6 on each arm, last few with 20lb bells. Then after hitting the foam roller for a few minutes it was a mad dash home to water the plants on the deck & in the garden, eat, take a shower and get ready for work.

Breakfast consisted of

* 1/2 cup Kashi Heart to Heart- Honey Toasted Oats

* 5 oz Stoneyfield Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt

* 4 sliced strawberries

* 1/4 a mango

* teaspoon of ground flax seed

* teaspoon of almond butter

This tided me over till about 10 am or so when I ventured down to the cafe at work to toast up a slice of whole wheat bread and add about a teaspoon of PB to it.

At lunch time I was a bit of a crazy lady. I swear sometimes I wonder about my memory. I had several tasks to complete in a short period of time, one of those was to get my dad's birthday card signed by Kirt (my husband) and out in the mail. Guess what I forgot when I left at lunch time?

I first went home and quickly made some lunch.

*Flat Out Italian Herb Wrap

*Garden Burger

*Slice of sharp cheddar


*Sliced orange peppers

Then I grabbed some celery sticks to go.

From there I drove up on to Target to buy the badminton net I said I was going to get at lunch time (and almost forgot) and grabbed another card for my dad. Then I swung by Kirt's office, got his John Hancock and zoomed on back to work.

Trudged my way through the rest of the work day. Taking a break to snack on a Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar.

After work I had to head straight to the farmers market to pick up our crop share (crop shares rock by the way!!!!). This food was not camera shy..... look at this beautiful spread!

One more stop by my mom's to borrow some of her Fuel Belt I cannot seem to find all of mine..... I finally headed home. But not for long. I quickly ate a few crackers and hummus and then was off to the School Board Meeting. Yes I am an elected official. :)

It was going to be a LOOONNNNG night so I stopped by the local coffee shop first for a nice tall iced coffee with a little skim milk and some Splenda. (yes I know I shouldn't do Splenda, really need to check out some of the other sweeteners)

After almost 4 hours of meeting........ yawn..... I finally headed home for some dinner. I was tired and not very enthused to cook, so I checked the freezer and came out with....... a Lean Cuisine. Yes not great... but hey better than fast food right? It was some Sesame Chicken Linguine thing. I enjoyed my lovely dinner while watching the Bachelorette on Tivo..... poor Reid.

Then..... nope, not time for bed.... time to PACK!! I'm leaving for vacation right after work today so I had to finish packing. But that also involved doing some laundry. So needless to say I did not get to bed till after midnight, ugh!

So hopefully today I'll get some more pictures of my lovely food and possibly from the road as well. Happy Tuesday!!!


Monday, July 13, 2009


Welcome to my blog.

Smart me decided mid-day to finally do this, so no pictures of breakfast or lunch...... and I'm about to head on vacation tomorrow.

Way to think things through.

But hopefully I can figure out how to blog from my iPhone, it can be done, I think?

More to come......