Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm a haht breakah

he he....

sorry... I have that photo in my picasa album and it always makes me laugh. not sure why I didn't use it when it was taken.

That is the shirt I bought at the Boston Marathon this year.....
as only a Bostonian could say "Heart Breaker" for conquering Heart Break Hill!

Every year Nike does some fun girlie shirts for the marathon, I tend to go for one of those over the "official race apparel" that Adidas does.

Anyhow back to food stuff....

oh but wait

dentist visit this morning.

Went ok. I need to take better care of my gums though. They aren't perfectly healthy, but no horrible.... yet. So I need to get moving on buying a Sonicare Toothbrush and some different mouthwash.... got keep my lovely teeth & gums happy!!!

Now on to food. Despite my hearty oats for breakfast, I needed a nibble mid-morning.

-ww toast w/ little honey PB
-green tea

Then it was home around noon time to walk Mr. Reggie.... apparently he couldn't wait for me, I found an accident. :( He has been so good lately, not sure what's up.

After cleaning it was time for some lunch. I attempted Elizabeth's "crack wrap", but failed due to lack of time. I just couldn't wait for the melty goodness to happen....I did try but jumped the gun too soon and removed it from the heat too quickly. No melty.....

-light spinach flat out, Sabra hummus, provolone, little turkey (unlike E, I'm not a veggie)
-side of apples w/ a little AB

Then for a treat I grabbed some Silken Vanilla Cake as I headed out. Still not sure how I feel about this.... I may try some of the recipes from Nasoya's site sometime though. Definitely some tastey looking treats to be made with the Silken Creations line.

Back to work. Lucky me, I have NO MEETINGS tonight! Yay!!
What is your favorite "healthy" dessert?


  1. This is probably not "healthy? b/c I'm sure it's full of artifical junk...but as far as low cal....I used to love sugar free Jello pudding with a big dollop of light cool whip on top!!

  2. I love making a baked apple in the microwave - quick, easy, and tasty. I just cut up an apple, put it in a bowl with some water(no specific amount, just depends on what consistency you want - anywhere from <1/4 cup to 1 cup water), cinnamon, and splenda, and microwave for 3 minutes or so. It tastes like apple pie! Sometimes, I'll add a topping - almonds, nut butter, oats, some cereal,whatever - but usually I just eat it alone. Yum!

  3. Perfect for the fall!! I haven't done that in ages. Yum!