Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Comedy of Errors....

That was my morning....  

I thought I would have all kinds of time this morning, as I decided to run during my lunch break rather than this morning.  I got up about 6:30, got ready and then walked Reggie.  Came back and started to pack my lunch and make breakfast.  

I had put together some overnight oats last night.... but it was so chilly this morning I decided to warm them up, I wanted a nice hot breakfast. As I was running around packing my lunch I failed to monitor the microwave.......

This happened.....  oatmeal throw up....

Shortly after this I managed to dump water all over the kitchen floor, an item the hubby had washed last night had water hiding in it....so when I flipped it over.... it spilled everywhere

But back to my oats.  

I was able to use what didn't get spit up though and made this yummy breakfast.....

-1/2 cup oats and about a cup of milk combined last night (minus what dumped out)
-1/2 cup plain Oikos
-handful blueberries
-sprinkle of dried cranberries & walnuts
-small handful tropical granola
-1T ground flax
-1T almond butter

But at least the oatmeal incident was worth it, made this yummy sandwich for lunch
-spinach flat out
-laughing cow garlic & herb cheese
-sprinkle of dried cranberries (these were key)
Then it was off to work!!

I had meant to blog before heading to work but that didn't happen.  At least my lunch hour run happened and at a fast clip I might add.  

I ran just under 4 miles in about 28 minutes.  I was a woman on a mission today!  
My speed made up for the cooler temperatures and it took me a bit to cool down, so glad our office has showers though!! 

I gobbled up my yummy sandwich and then snacked on my other lunch treats throughout the afternoon. 

-green pepper & string beans (thank you CSA)

-blueberry greek yogurt and TJ's granola bar crumbled
 tried a new brand as it was a bit cheaper.... eh 
 my fave is SF Oikos, but Chobani is ok.... this stuff... I'll pass next time

The day zoomed by.  Now I'm home quickly before heading out to do some weeding at city hall and then I have a Joint Fiscal Committee meeting (exciting stuff... school board & city council... get to point fingers at each other about money).  

Since I'll be gone for at least two hours another snack is required.
-TLC's and some Laughing Cow garlic & herb cheese

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  1. I love cranberries in sandwiches!! Yum!!

    You are super speedy, woman! Here I was, proud of my 4 miles in 36 minutes today... but that's totally pokey, huh? LOL