Saturday, August 15, 2009

Overly ambitious.....

Me??   Never.  ;)

Man yesterday whooped my behind.  Was up way past midnight too, so no blogging. 

Recap of mid-morning on. 

Prerequisite coffee....

-after leaving work to sell my car, sniff sniff, I had little time to make lunch..... so I hit up the cafeteria at work
-whole wheat wrap, chicken salad, loaded with veggies and sweet pickles.  side of carrot sticks.
-SoBe Lifewater.... I was feeling a tad dehydrated but needed something more than just water, was actually relatively light & refreshing in taste

-randomly some of the office assistants were going around with popsicles, so I grabbed one, yum!

After work I hit the grocery store for those forgotten items, as well as the local wine store for some required vino for the night. 

Then it was home to prep food.  I was definitely overly ambitious and kind of scatterbrained in my planning.  I should have kept it to much simpler items than I originally planned, but in the end that is what I ran with... the simple stuff.  After prepping, I cleaned up the kitchen, changed and walked downtown for the concert.  

The park was PACKED, which is great!  I met up with some friends there and plopped down on my blanket to enjoy the music, the weather and catching up with friends. 

I also had a summer treat.... haven't had nearly enough this summer.  Ice Cream!  (well technically frozen yogurt)

Annabelle's Purple Cow- black raspberry ice cream w/ regular & white chocolate chunks. yum
A friend also had some fresh blueberries & blackberries so I added those too!

I left the concert just before the end to start setting things up and finishing prepping a few items.  I was running around so much I forgot to snap a picture.  Luckily Elizabeth of Our Life is Delicious was a good food blogger and snapped a picture of the spread!  Thank you E!

Spread of Munchies Included (this is what I can remember right now)
-quinoa salad I made last night
-chocolate chip cookies (also made last night)
-skewers of : tomato, mozzarella & basil
                        roasted red peppers, mozzarella & basil
                        cantaloupe & prosciutto
                        prosciutto & mozzarella
-grilled chicken sausage- italian & buffalo chicken
-guacamole - avocado, tomato & lime juice
-tortilla chips
-whole wheat pita
- classic hummus  (was going to make my own, but ran out of time)
-baba ghannouj

I snacked on stuff all night, I really should have made a plate but just didn't get around to it.  I mainly stuck to the mozzarella, tomato & basil, pita & hummus and a couple of cookies. 

My neighbor brought some fixings for Dark & Stormies.... Ginger Beer & Gosling's Black Rum.  I had a couple small Dark & Stormies and then a glass of Vouvray.  

We finally hit the hay around 2am!!  Ack!

I slept soundly till 8am.  So nice.  Then got ready to meet the in-laws for breakfast.  

I opted for pancakes covered in berries and an iced coffee.  Yum!  I ate maybe 3/4 of this.  I was HUNGRY. 

My mother-in-law is a poached egg eater, but fussy about it.  So the breakfast place made two batches, waitress brought out both.  She offered us the other ones my mother-in-law didn't have so I had one poached egg.  Figured the protein would be good.  :)

So with all the craziness yesterday I didn't get my run in.  :(   But today is my rest day and I'm sticking to it!

I sort of invited myself over to a friend's house to use the pool and now they are having a pool party!  See what happens when I come over someone's house, a party breaks out.  ;)  

So I think I'll wrap up some of my left overs & some of the food I didn't get around to prepping last night.  I have some great toasted french bread for a mixed olive bruschetta I got at Trade Joe's that I must bring!  

Enjoy the day and stay cool!


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  1. So many yummy eats- I am making similar little skewers for a party this weekend! Glad you had fun :)