Monday, August 10, 2009

Holy Hunger!

Ugh... I finally got home about a half hour ago (10pm) and was so hungry for dinner!  My meeting tonight lasted way too long, it started at 6pm.  I had hoped to have dinner before hand but got stuck at work late so I only had time for a snack.  

But first recap of the day......

Nectarine & iced coffee w/ skim milk & one splenda
-Spinach Flat Out, turkey, spinach, sprouts, tomato, Wickles, little mayo
-Side of cantaloupe


Um.... Afternoon dessert.  ;)

Then it was my 3rd snack of the afternoon before my meeting.  
-cottage cheese & a little almond butter (not bad)

I thought the almond butter would provide some staying power.... 
but not enough for FOUR HOURS of a meeting!!!  Ack!

I was dreaming of food near the end, my tummy was growling, I really should have brought a snack...unfortunately its not a meeting that is very conducive to eating during it (its televised).  

DINNER (finally)
The hubby made dinner so I just heated up leftovers.... a burger.  Dang that tasted good!
-lean meat, whole wheat bun, cheddar cheese, spinach, sprouts, tomato, Wickles, and probably more ketchup that I should have used..... oh well
-tall glass of milk

I chowed.  Now to digest a bit and then head to bed.  


  1. Hello! How good is cantaloupe right now?? I want to eat it every day ;). Lots of great eats. So glad the hubby had made dinner so you could just reheat when you finally got home! What a long day!

  2. Agreed, the cantaloupe is rockin' right now. Actually I have cantaloupe envy, some friends of ours just got back from NY where they got some from Wegmans.... OMG it was SO GOOD! Ours is good, but not that good. I want a Wegmans.