Monday, August 10, 2009

Staying Flexible.....

Happy Monday.... so soon it comes.  

So last week was not stellar as far as sticking to my training schedule, however I'm not really one to get freaked out about that.  You have to be flexible.  You have a life and you do the best you can to get your planned workouts in, if not you do what you can and hope the next week goes better.  This philosophy has worked out fairly well for me in the 11 marathons I have completed.  It does help when I'm a bit more focused on my long runs & speed work, I think that is what helped me finally break 4 hours. 

So far this week is off to a good start, I'm feeling motivated after yesterdays 14 mile run.  I was up and out at 6am for Kettlebell, before heading out I grabbed a handful of Kashi Heart to Heart and some water. 

This mornings class was a good one for a Monday... no counting.... just going for time.  
1 minute of each w/ a 1 minute rest at the end, repeat 5 times
One Arm Swings
Split Squats
Weighted Squats

After repeating 5 times then we did planks
1 minute basic plank
10 situps
1 minute alternating hip to ground plank
10 situps
1 minute side planks, change sides mid way through
10 situps

After all that I headed home to a tall cold one....

After shower and getting ready for work, my usual favorite was calling me.
-kashi heart to heart, oikos greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, almond butter... oops forgot the ground flax!
Today is going to be a busy one!!  Will probably be at work late and then I have a meeting at 6pm that is looking like it will be LONG.... blech.  Glad I got my workout in this morning!

Have a great day!


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