Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No weeding and no wine... for now....

We had some good thunderstorms coming moving through tonight and actually this morning too.  It put a glitch in my plans to Weed & Wine.... bummer.  Its a group of volunteers I organize to weed a few sites downtown for a non-profit that takes care of some municipal plantings.  By adding in the wine aspect I got more interest, imagine that!  But no weeding tonight, eventually I may wine. 

Today was a bit hectic at work, seems as I'm finally making progress on a couple projects an emergency crops up..... so then I get distracted and caught up in that.  Ugh. 

So to keep me pushing through my morning, I had an iced coffee & a plum, yum. 

At lunch I was determined to get my 5 mile run in, the skies looked a bit gloomy so I opted for the gym.... the dreaded treadmill.  Actually it worked out well in some ways as at mile 3 I had to scoot to the bathroom, damn dairy at breakfast.  So after a pit stop it was back on the mill to finish the last 2 miles.  

I ran about an 8 minute pace, although I did go faster for awhile to get the overall time down to equal 8 min/mile pace....since my warm up was at that pace.  Yes, it annoys me to be have that stupid computer making me look slower, so I run faster than an 8 pace to have my overall time equal an 8 minute pace.  Call me crazy, but in the end it gets me to push my pace.  

I stretched a bit, took a quick shower and then quickly got back to work.... where I dined at my desk again. 

-spinach flat out, 1 slice turkey, 1 slice provolone, sprouts, peppers, tomato, Wickles and lil mayo
-side of extra chopped green peppers (no they aren't hot ones, they are just pale peppers from our CSA)

I had to get another fruity snack in, a deliciously juicy nectarine, love them!!!!

Apparently I had the munchies today, when I got home from work I had to have some cantaloupe!  So good right now!

I had hoped the storm would pass so that I could still go weeding, but unfortunately it did not.  So I ventured back out to pick up the pooch, Reggie, from the grand dog parents..... my in-laws help us out and dog sit a few times a week.   They are so good to us!

Then it was home to finally make dinner.  Unfortunately the hubby was home for just a short bit before heading out to a night time meeting :(   Hopefully it doesn't go too long.  Between our two busy schedules we are lucky if we see each other for an hour a day at times, thus why I LOVE the weekends cause then we get to hang out more!

Since it was raining I opted not to grill, which is how I usually cook baby turnips.  
Instead I sauteed them with olive oil & a little garlic.

I guess I just love turnips as these came out so good and juicy, grilled or sauteed, they rock!

The turnips joined some baked haddock & corn on the cob

I dipped the haddock in milk, rolled it in panko crumbs, sprinkled on some Blue Crab Bay Co. Herbs for Seafood, lemon juice and some olive oil.  Baked in a 500 degree pre-heated over for 15 minutes, probably could have gone a minute or two less. 

Yum good dinner.  Well hubby still isn't home, but my wonderful father-in-law just called to offer to help me drop my car off at the garage!  

Have a great night!  I am so looking forward to going to bed EARLY tonight, have 6am Kettlebell tomorrow!


  1. I can relate to the MIA hubby. Pout.

    Good luck with the car hunt!

  2. I am sooo not a fan of treadmill running, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!