Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pre Run Eats

Despite the fact that I slept in (had to cut myself some slack after a long day yesterday) and skipped my run this morning, I'll focus a bit in this post on what I eat before a run. Don't worry though I will get my run in, may just be during my lunch hour.

So before I touch on the pre run eating I'll review my eats so far today.... but its nothing shocking, just the usual suspects....

However it did have on addition, some Caribbean Granola I picked up at a local farm stand/store on Friday. It has dried pineapple, dried papaya, coconut and almonds in it.

Apparently Blogger hasn't been allowing people to comment all the time. Not sure if its something I'm doing or just the site being fussy. I'll see what can be done. Rather frustrating though when you are a blogging newbie and its exciting to just get a few comments.... lets you know that people are actually out there!
You may have noticed before my long runs I don't eat a whole heck of a lot. On Sunday I just grabbed a handful of cereal a little bit before my run and only took water with me. I had only planned a 12 mile run but ended up doing 14, if I had known I was going to do that I may have taken some Gu with me.
I rarely eat a lot before a run, especially in the morning as I just don't run well with a lot in my tummy. Ideally it would be nice to have something more substantial to eat and then wait a hour or two before heading out for my run, but I'm typically a bit time crunched and just want to get going with my run & my day. This light pre run eating has therefore also become part of my racing routine, as most runners know... don't try anything new on race day, stick to what you did during your training! So usually before a marathon I keep it light, a couple hours before the race I'll eat half a bagel with peanut butter and keep hydrating with water, then about a half hour before the race I'll have a GU and some more water.
Everyone is different so you may have to learn through trial and error what works for you. I know I need to stick to somewhat bland foods before a run and absolutely have to stay away from dairy the night before and morning of my long run.
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Tomorrow I'll blog about how I fuel during my long runs.
Have a great day!


  1. I agree! I either need to eat something 2ish hours before or if I don't have time, something VERY light close to my run works well. Otherwise my tummy gets all kinds of messed up

  2. Thanks for the links! This newb will check 'em out!