Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pool Crasher!

When I wasn't running, eating or sleeping this weekend.... I was doing this.....

No idea how I ever survived living in NOLA during the summer. This weekend's heat and humidity drove me to crash my friend's pool.... Saturday and today. I just couldn't take it. Of course the fact that we don't have central a/c doesn't help either. But still it seems sad to be inside on a bright sunny day, at least the pool allowed me to be outside and not wilt.

This morning before hitting the pool, I headed to the beach for a run! It was close to 80 when I got up at 6:30 so the ocean seemed like a good place to be.... only problem was that it was hot there too and rather calm, so not too much of a sea breeze.

Before leaving the house, I had big glass of water & this......
Cliff Bar
Breakfast Part I

I ventured over with my mom & step dad, they had a 12 mile run planned and I was going to do 15. So figured we would all get done around the same time going at our own paces. I loaded up with my 4 bottles of water on my fuel belt & 2 packages of Just Plain Gu.

Some scenic shots......

I love running along the ocean, its so beautiful! Plus its nice as there are restrooms & water fountains along the way too. The side walks around the beaches were packed (where are all these people when I run this same route in the dead of winter.... wimps).

My step-dad has been through a lot the past year or so, its amazing actually that he is running, let alone training for another marathon. (I'll get to that story some day too) But he listened to his body and played it safe, he only felt up to 10 miles..... so that is all he and my mom ran. Meanwhile crazy me did 16 instead of 15. I met them back at the car and decided to snap a few pictures before heading home.

I got good genes, hopefully I'm looking THIS amazing when I'm 64!


Me & My Mom

Love running with my mom as she always had lots of post run snacks.
Breakfast Part II

Half of a sandwich thin w/ PB, chopped walnuts, ground flax and a little honey YUM!!!

It felt so good to take a shower when I got home. But I still needed something a bit more to eat.

Breakfast Part III
-2 eggs scrambled w/ broccoli, provolone, scallions and proscuitto
-half a sandwich thin toasted

After finally finishing my last breakfast of the day, I started laundry, took the dog for a walk and then hit the grocery store. I needed to cool off and this popsicle hit the spot, yum raspberry!

I packed up and headed to my friends house with the hubby to lounge in the pool. I had some camera shy green grapes & crackers. Also enjoyed a vodka & grapefruit flavored soda water.

After lounging for almost 3 hours it was time to head home, clean up and venture over to my in-laws for dinner. It was the perfect dinner for a hot night, nice and light......

-grilled haddock
-corn on the cob
-tomato & basil salad w/ balsamic vinegar & olive oil
-field greens w/ cucumbers, blueberries, lil balsamic vinaigrette
My father-in-law LOVES ice cream so he insisted we go get some after dinner.... who am I to argue with him?

Strawberry Cheesecake Fro Yo..... meant to order a kiddie, accidentally ordered a small, oopsie.

I am so pooped after my run & all the sun today, gotta hit the hay early tonight!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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