Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fueling During A Long Run

Busy day.... again. 

I'll get through the food stuff for the day and then move on to how I fuel during a long run. 

Lunch was inhaled way too fast unfortunately, I was short on time as I test drove a car during my lunch hour.  I popped by my house and whipped up my lunch.

-left over hamburger on a Arnold WW sandwich thin, little cheddar, sprouts, tomato and Wickles... oh and of course ketchup
-side of super yummy watermelon

Then I rushed back to work and finished out my day.  Met up with the hubby to pick my car up from the garage, last time taking it there yay!!!  On my way back I stopped by the car dealer again to test drive another car that was not there at lunch time.  After that I headed home to walk Reggie.... he was definitely ready to go!

Hubby headed off for another meeting while I made dinner.  He's still not back yet, so I had to go ahead and eat with out him.  Tonight was chicken tacos/fajitas whatever you want to call them.... 

The fixin's.... cheese, fresh salsa, plain greek yogurt and some sauteed onions & peppers

I just sauteed the chicken in a pan and then added some mexican spices.  
-little chicken, peppers, onions, greek yogurt, cheese, salsa, all on a spinach Flat Out

-side of Crop Share corn, steamed in the microwave

-little vino on the side....ahh all is good.

So fuel during a long run.  I think I mentioned in my pre-run fueling blog that I typically don't bring anything other than water with me on runs under 10-12 miles.  Over that I tend to put some thought into fueling along the way. There are SO many options now for on the run eats.  I think back in 2000 when I did my first half marathon I just did water & gatorade, since then 

I've moved on to trying stuff out such as....

I'm sure there are others but those are the ones that stand out.  What will work best for you? Only you can learn that through trial and error unfortunately.  

There are so many factors... what flavors you like, what flavors sit well in your stomach, do you want something you need to chew or can just slurp down, do you want caffeine in it, additional sodium, etc. 

I'm not too fussy.  But I have opted to use the gels provided at a race before and definitely regretted it..... yes I should know better.... never try anything new on race day!

My preference, the "Just Plain" flavor of Gu.  I usually stick to that with some water in my Fuel Belt.  Occassionally I'll also bring some watered down Gatorade as well, usually orange or lemon-lime.  I get the powder mix and water it down.  While running I typically take a Gu every 40-50 minutes.  I stop and walk, making sure to get it down and drink some water.  I'm fine with walking a bit during my training run, I personally don't see it as a big deal.  

The only thing different I do on race day for a half marathon or full marathon is for my last Gu or fueling I switch to Power Gel, one with caffeine like Double Latte.  Honestly I hate the flavor, but the bit of coffee flavor and seeing the words CAFFEINE on it make me think I'm getting an energy boost... which is usually what I need around mile 21-22 of a marathon!  

Here are some articles to check out on fueling....
Those should give you some additional ideas on what you can fuel with and how to go about finding out what will work for you.  Use your training runs to their fullest advantage, not only for the miles but to figure out fuel, clothing and other possible needs (ex. bodyglide).  

Have a great night!!


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  1. Dinner looks yummy! I love Mexican food & wine!! :) Thanks for all the info about fueling... I've been experiementing a lot because of the headaches I'd been getting. But I'm figuring it out... no headaches for a couple of weeks!