Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday comes too fast... again

Even with Friday off the weekend went by too fast and I had no time to blog!

The beach on Friday was wonderful!  Shortly after arriving my mom and I headed out for a 5 mile run along the beach.  We had a nice sea breeze for most of it.  Once we got back to the house a grabbed a few almonds and hopped on a conference call for work, by the time that was done it was lunch time.  I raided the fridge and my mom kindly let me have some of her left overs from the nigh before.... steamed veggies, shrimp and rice.  

I added a salad w/ pomegranate raspberry vinaigrette....

After digesting a bit my mom and I headed to the beach.... to read magazines and lounge.  We did put our feet in the water, but it wasn't a hot enough day to warrant going much deeper in the freezing Maine ocean.  

The wind started to kick up a bit so after a bit of lounging we headed back to the house.  I opted to lounge some more by the water at the house. (you can see my shadow in the picture)

My mom and I ventured to a local farm stand for veggies for their dinner.  After the drive I needed a snack. 

But eventually it was time for me to head home.  I was running a bit behind so when I grabbed munchies for the concert in the park.... I kinda forgot what I had just had....  so more crackers & cheese... my favorite!

That was apparently not enough cheese though..... you will see shortly.  I met some friends out after the concert and went with a glass of pinot grigio.  

And this pile of cheesy goodness showed up.  I had to have a few since it turned out a real dinner was not going to happen.  

We stayed out much later than we should have...... then got up much earlier than I would have liked on Saturday.  Saturday was my slacker photo day... got none.  So I'll spare you the boring details and move on to today.  

I had a 12 mile run planned, when I got home and finally mapped it out... it was closer to 14.  But it was a beautiful one!  I stopped to snap a photo by and old mill along the river. 
My run was a bit of a roller coaster... and that is not counting all the hills.  But I had moments where it felt so effortless and than other times it just felt like torture.  Although I think those torture moments were mainly when I was going up a rather large hill!  Some day I need to learn to like hills. 

Once home from my run I was STARVING since I had just grabbed a handful of cereal before hand.  I fixed myself a big bowl of berries, kashi heart to heart, little caribbean granola and milk.  It definitely hit the spot.  Plus some watered down lemon-lime gatorade. 

After breakfast I had to do some emergency plant watering.  My tomatoes, hanging plants and hydrangeas were all looking so sad!!  Then it was time to water myself and clean up. 

The hubby and I were then headed to our friends' house to help clean up their yard & gardens.  They have been away for over a month with her mother, these are the ones that we just visited for her mother's funeral.  

On my way over I needed a little something to help me weed, so I had a Larabar. 

It was so good to have our friends home!!  The boys mowed the lawn & weed whacked, while the ladies weeded.  We made quick work of it all, so I left for a bit to grocery shop, once done I headed back to our friends' house for some snacks..... that I forgot to photograph.  They were delish.... pitas w/ hummus & baba ganoush (from Wegmans so good!!!), cheese & crackers, plus some cantaloup & pineapple. 

It filled me up so much that when we got home I kept it light.... some watermelon & some cottage cheese.  Simple but hit the spot.  

So now I"m finally watching the finale of SYTYCD.... FINALLY!  I might have a nectarine to finish off the night.  Feeling a little snacky now that my butt is sitting in front of the tv.... amazing how that happens, huh?

Hope you had a great weekend!!!



  1. Oh wow... you had some beautiful runs.
    Have a great week!