Friday, August 7, 2009

Its a rag top day....

Little Jimmy Buffett reference there.....

Well today I'm off to the beach! Yay!!!   We are currently trying to sell my car and the hubby has someone hopfully comining to look at it today, so rather than drive his big ol' truck to the beach I asked my in-laws if I could borrow a car.... Jackpot! They let me borrow the convertible!

So me, my beach bag full of running & beach gear, plus my running shoes and my trusty Livestrong visor.....

Get to zoom to the beach in this hot little number....

Much different than my mode of transportation to the beach last year when my mom was staying there.  Last year I RAN to the beach.  It just happened I needed to run a 20 mile long run that weekend and it just happens the beach house is exactly 20 miles from my house.  Not this year though... later marathon so no 20 milers yet.  But it was a fun adventure to run to the beach.  I had my cell phone with me, so my mom called to check in with me a few times along the way.  I definitely was a happy camper when I finally saw the ocean though!

So back to today.  I still got up early and went to the 6am Kettlebell class.  Today was a bit easier than yesterday... thank goodness!!!!

8 x 8 Thursters
Figure 8's
Heavy rows
Elbow Touch Planks
300m sprint
Repeated 4 times

After a good stretch I headed home to my usual breakfast. I definitely am one that falls into a rut, its hard to be creative first thing in the morning I guess.

Now I'm off to the beach!  I think I'll swing by a coffee shop for an iced tea for the road.  Hopefully I'll get some relaxing in but I'm pretty sure a run is on the agenda and I have a conference call I have to hop on to for a little bit too.  

Have a great day and happy Friday!!


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