Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sorry about my blogging absence.  

Yes I'm alive.  I've just been kinda.... blah... and busy.

This week went WAY downhill Thursday morning, since then its mildly improved due to good things happening with friends..... but for me personally its been a bit of a struggle.  I won't get into too much but I'm just not in a happy place professionally right now and I'm not really sure how to get out of the rut I'm currently in.  Of course this isn't the best job market to make a change, but for mental sanity it may be required.  

Enough of that. 

On Thursday to save my sanity and get a task completed I went to the greenhouse after work.  It was excellent therapy, running around acres of greenhouse. 

I was picking out plants for some planters & barrels downtown.  Lots of mums, kale and cabbage (not sure if its edible.... kale chips anyone?)

I do have good things happening to people around me......

So since my Thursday was just all around bad, it was nice to have something to celebrate Thursday night!  One of my good friends who graduated with his phd this past spring finally got a teaching job.  Yay! 

Then Friday another friend accepted a job working for my hubby!  Yay!
Kettlebelled in the morning. 
It was annother one of those... only two exercises classes that I'm not a fan of....

3 minutes, as many rounds of 
-3 deadlifts
-7 burpees w/ a push up

Done 5 times.  1 minute rest between 3 minute intervals.

The cool thing though was that I graced the gyms website for the day....

That is me on Wednesday, showing off doing double ropes... 
too bad I'm faceless,
although that may be a good thing, I was probably making a scary "I'm working hard" face. 

I also treated myself to a lunch I haven't had in awhile....

Chicken Salad w/ lots of Veggies on Ciabatta Bread
(spinach, carrots, cucumbers, red onion and tomato... YUM)

Friday night, last night,  we went to a friend's CD release party and had lots of fun catching up. 

Right this moment I should be getting ready for the 5 mile race I'm signed up for.... but the pouring rain outside is not really inspiring me.  Ugh.  

I'm kind of in slack mode today.... although I was productive and painted the laundry room!

Obviously it still has a ways to go, need to epoxy the floor, do cabinets, install the sink, etc.  But its a start.  Plus look at that beautiful new washer & dryer combo.....

Alright... well I'll report later on if I made it to the race.  

We are heading out later to celebrate the hubby's b-day!!  (which is actually tomorrow)

I'm taking him to one of our FAVORITE restaurants and then meeting up with friends afterwards for drinks.  :)  

Have you ever been in a career funk?  Or changed your mind about what you want to be when you grow up?  How did you approach it?


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  1. As you know... I'm always in a career funk. I'd love to change gears, but don't want to foot the bill for my school.

    When you figure it out... let me know!