Monday, September 7, 2009

Attack of the giant mud bugs.....

Well that came later in the day.....

But first it started off civilized.  After putting annoying fliers on cars at a local 5K for the 5K I'm planning.... we headed to breakfast. 

Florentine Benedict.....
Hollandaise on the side.  Thank you.

After hanging out downtown, listening to some great street performers it was off to the ocean.
The hubby wanted to skip some rocks.
Then enjoy the calm.....
But eventually we headed home to sand & prime the new laundry area

After that I headed off to pick up our CSA for the week....
lots o' stuff
-purple basil, peppers, squash, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, beans, garlic, potatoes, etc.
We had our lovely friends over that we share our CSA with.... Glenn & Aviva. 
Before prepping the rest of dinner I made a tomato basil salad for later. 
First course of dinner was mussels and steamers.  YUM!!!
Mussels- garlic, onion, tomatoes, white wine, parsley and olive oil
Oh and some bread for all that yummy mussel broth.
First course.....
Remains of the first course.....
One of the best parts... the mussel broth
After a nice hiatus... it was time for the giant mud bugs... aka lobsters.  
(yes I lived down south for a bit)
Hello Mr. Lobster (with cookies in the background)
We had a lovely dinner on the deck.
Digging in.
The remains of the day.....
What is that.... my husband is cleaning!!!??
We need to have friends over more often.

Then after a bit of clean up, it was time for dessert. 

Those lovely cookies and some dark chocolate covered almonds. 

Good day.  Between the walking after breakfast and the priming I figured that was my exercise for the day.  A holiday requires rest right?  Plus after my 18 miles yesterday I was feeling the need for a day off, but not exactly one sitting on the sofa.  I don't do well with those, especially when it is nice out. 

Hope you had a great Labor Day!!!

What do you do on rest day??


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  1. Glad the laundry room is coming along! What an INCREDIBLE dinner! Your guests must have been so delighted! mmm lobster- its been too long! The tomato/basil mixture looks tasty too! I hope you're enjoying some for lunch today!