Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday in disguise.....

I had great intentions to get up and make 6am kettlebell this morning.... but 5:30 came too quickly and the snooze button got used.  :)

It felt good to sleep in though. Definitely feeling like a Monday.  But I guess the bonus is that Friday will come that faster!

I'm hopeful that my noon time run will work out, since I could not motivate this morning.  

After walking Reggie I was thinking oats for breakfast, but then found an almost empty tub of greek yogurt and decided to make use of it.

-greek yogurt
-handful blueberries
-1/2 c Kashi H2H
-1/4 c Caribbean granola
-1 T almond butter

I also had my act together enough to make some lunch.

-spinach flat out, turkey, laughing cow light garlic & herb cheese, spinach
-carrots w/ hummus

May also grab a larabar or some greek yogurt for a snack too. 

What helps you get out of bed for early morning exercise?  Especially when the alarm seems to go off way too early!

Have a great day!


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