Sunday, September 13, 2009

My big news & another beach run!

Hello!  Hope you are having a great Sunday!

I could be out biking with the hubby on his birthday ride, but I ran this morning and have stuff to take care of this afternoon.... so I let him go ride with the boys.  He's all excited to ride his new bike!  (a new one was required as his frame on his old one cracked!)

We had a fabulous time last night, but unfortunately my pictures came out awful..... it was so dark in the restaurant (and I didn't want to use my flash).  So after I skipped my 5 mile race in the rain, yes I'm a wimp, I took the hubby out for his birthday dinner (well the fancy one).  

We went to one of my FAVORITE places ever in Kittery, Maine called Anneka Jans.  If you are ever in the area I HIGHLY recommend this place.  So. Good.

What we ate......
Bangs Island Mussels, Bacon, Shallots, White Wine, Cream

Organic Greens, Sweet & Sour Golden Raisins, Toasted Pine Nuts, Champagne Vinaigrette

Halibut pan seared w/ peas, lobster cream sauce, spring onions and potatoes (what I could remember, they don't have it on the website)

Seared Duck Breast, Wild Rice Pancake, Grilled Asparagus, Blueberry Glaze (the birthday boy's meal)

We shared a yummy bottle of Pinot Noir.  After dinner we met up with some friends for cocktails.  
I took it easy though and didn't finish my drink at two places we went.  I had to be ready for my run this morning!

I didn't get the earliest start, but that is ok at least I got going.  :)
I ate breakfast in the car, as I needed a little ocean for inspiration again.  
-Clif Kid Twisted Fruit 
(super sweet)

-Kashi Granola Bar
Then I was off.  See why I go to the coastal route to run.
In some parts there is even a nice little trail, but primarily nice WIDE bike lanes most of the way.  

I brought 3 Gu's with me.  I took one about every 40-45 minutes.  This was at about the half way point.  Me and lots of surfers.  :)

I didn't do all 20 miles though.  The first half of the run I was dragging, the second half I got some energy but I could feel a little aching in my right foot's arch.  I ended up doing 16 miles in about 2 hours and 15 minutes, so around an 8:30 pace.  

I grabbed some stuff from the car and hit the beach.  
I figured some nice cool ocean water would be good for my feet.  
I did some stretching on the beach and enjoyed some food and drink. 
-Cashew Larabar
-Peach & Mandarin 10 Calorie Vitamin Water
(I was craving something other than just water, which I drank a good amount of on my run... thanks to my fuel belt)
I couldn't stay too long though, I had to run some errands and get home.  On my way home I picked up the hubby's b-day cake for dinner to night with the family. 

I was HUNGRY so I whipped up a quick lunch....

-canned salmon & chickpeas w/ little olive oil mayo and herbs
-left over potato salad

It was actually pretty darn tasty, I also have some leftovers for tomorrows lunch too!  Yay!

Ok, so my big news.....




Nope not pregnant.  LOL

I got my own website.  :)  

Figured if I was going to do this blogging thing I should go a little more all out. 

I'm not transitioning quite yet, but you can do a quick preview if you want.  

I welcome any suggestions too.  :)

Enjoy the rest of the day!!



  1. hahaha kinda figured you weren't preggers after the "we shared a bottle of wine" comment. Glad your hubby had a good birthday! GREAT job on the run & the pace! You are amazing. beautiful views

  2. Happy birthday Kirt!!

    Maybe I'll get down to the beach for my long run this weekend... first time for double digits, baby!! ;)

    Your new site looks great!! You'll have to teach me a thing or two...

  3. Its ALL trial and error so far. I have no idea how to move my content from here.... or if I even can.