Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doublin' up....

Two classes tonight..... very different workouts!

First up Kettlebell (since I slept in by accident)
Warm Up
-run 200m
-5 pushups
-7 situps
-9 air squats
4 times through

20 seconds of each exercise 20 second rest, repeat 8 times at each station
-Pull ups (with a jump) / push ups
-Double bell squat / Plank
-snatches left and then right
-battling ropes/ box jumps

That was a doozie!!  I took my sweaty self home, took Reggie for a walk while downing some milk & soy protein powder.  

Showered up and then was off to yoga. 

This was just want I needed.... nice and relaxing.  
Tonight we focused on anger, which apparently is kept in your hips....
A lot of the poses/moves were focused on opening up your hips.  
It felt wonderful.  Of course there were a few poses that weren't "easy" but it felt awesome by the end.  Yay yoga!!!!

After class I headed home to make dinner. 
While cooking I had this times.... 3 maybe
-bread & hummus
-baked haddock: 350 for about 20 minutes
                              dipped fish in milk, rolled in panko
                              little garlic
                              seafood seasoning
                              lemon zest and lemon juice
                              sprayed cookie sheet w/ canola oil
-baked kale chips: tossed in olive oil, ground pepper & little salt
Debating on if I should do my speed work tomorrow or just consider the 5M race on Saturday my speedwork..... what to do.  Guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow.  :)

Do you count races as speedwork? (for you runners out there) Or would you still do speedwork 2 days before a race......  I think I may have answered my own question.  ;)

Have a great night!


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  1. Stumbled upon your blog from healthy tipping point. I look forward to reading about kettle bells. I have never tried them.