Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big news a coming.....

But, you will have to wait.

But I took a big step today.

And it wasn't just signing up for the 2010 Boston Marathon. :)

Maybe I'll share tonight but at the latest Friday.

I tried to be a bit more creative today with lunch......

-1 leftover ear of corn, cut from cobb
-1 c TJ's Cuban Style Black Beans
-1 c Broccoli
-1 small cucumber
-about 10 cherry tomatoes
-1 T hummus
-sprinkle of mexican cheese
-1 piece of bakery bread

It was pretty good. Interesting mix of flavors but it was tastey.
Plus I am crazy full now from those beans.
But since I have kettlebell & yoga planned for after work I packed a Oikos & granola for a snack a little later.

Alright back to work.
It is so beautiful out I hate to go back. :(
Hope y'all had a great lunch too!


  1. You're such a tease! Will you tell me at yoga? ;) Did you decide to become vegetarian?? hehe

    Your lunch looks yummy!

  2. owwwwwwwwww whats the news???? We must know! That lunch bowl looks incredible! Mexican deliciousness