Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lunch Interrupted.....

I had just finished my yummy sandwich and had started on my carrots & hummus when the alarm went off........

Yep, the stupid fire alarm interrupted my lunch. :(

So I took my carrots & hummus with me and dined outside. :)

Prior to lunch I went for a wonderful 4 mile run.

Little warmer than I expected and a little stinky too.....
trash day got moved back a day due to the holiday..... p.u.

I have so many random thoughts on my runs. I was debating what interesting thing to blog about.... sometimes I think I have so many ideas that when I sit down to write I just get overwhelmed and blog about nothing..... well the basic nothings.

One (of many) thought in my head today was sunscreen & ways I try to protect myself from the sun. But there has also been a lot of debate lately about if we are preventing ourselves from getting enough vitamin D with all this sunblock/sun protection.

I wear SPF 30 on my face every day, its in the moisturizer I use. I had a basal cell spot removed from my forehead last year, so I'm very cautious. Plus my mom has a history of skin cancer as well... basal and squamous cell.

When I do my lunch time runs, they only last 30-40 minutes, so I don't usually put sunscreen on the rest of me. For my long runs where I am out for an hour and half or more, I do use a sports sunblock all over of at least SPF 30.

But after hearing about Deena Kastor and her recent injury it made me wonder if I'm getting enough vitamin D. I'm going to keep wearing my sunscreen, especially on my longer runs, but at my next physical I might ask my doctor about getting my vitamin D level checked.

Do you wear sunscreen ever day? Have you had your vitamin D level checked ever?


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  1. Hey girl! Great job on the run- sorry your lunchy got interrupted! yes, I wear sunscreen on my face every day and my whole body when I know I'm going to be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time. I have never gotten my D checked!