Sunday, August 23, 2009

A trip to the beach....

After my run I really wanted to enjoy the day before the next batch of rain moved in, luckily I convinced the hubby to go!  It was a short but good trip.  Although my title reminds me of a book that basically involves my dream career.....A Trip to the Beach. Good read and it involves a lot of FOOD!!!

Anyways, back to my short trip to the beach......It was nutty once we got there though, lots of traffic and high tide, plus Hurricane Bill off the coast.  So there were HUGE waves especially on the more exposed beach area.  So after sitting in traffic for a bit I headed to the back roads and found us a place to park in no time.  I'm good.  :)

We checked out the beach

 but between the storm and high tide it was a little tight for space, so we headed to the arcade.  

Skee Ball

And Mrs. Pac Man

My hubby kicked my butt at Mrs. Pac Man.  It was definitely a lot of fun though!!

We poked around a bit more and then decided to cool off with a beverage.  Kirt had a beer while I opted for an interesting cocktail.... this involved pineapple infused vodka with kind of a wine spritzer.... sounds odd but it was very refreshing and yummy.  

We enjoyed our 2nd floor view of the craziness below us. 

My first waitressing job was actually at the place across the street when I was in high school.  While I like the beach in southern Maine, I've become a bit of a snob after going to the outer part of Cape Cod so much.  I prefer not to have so much traffic, shopping, etc. right next to the beach.  I want to go to the beach and enjoy the sound of the ocean, not the traffic.  But I'll take what I can get nearby.  :)

So after poking around a few shops we headed home and I was ready for a snack.
-TLC stoneground 7 grain crackers & garlic herb laughing cow cheese.  Oh and some rose too.   

Heading over to the in-laws soon for dinner.  Need to take Mr. Reggie for a walk too.... he's been waiting patiently....

Today made me realize though that we do not get to the beach as much as we should.  Must start going more often when we can.  How often do you go to the beach? Or to a lake or pond during the summer?


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  1. So glad you & Kirt got to enjoy some hubby & wifey time today... I know that your busy schedules often prevent that!

    I heart Mendum's Pond... but alas, we haven't gotten there this year AT ALL. Maybe this week??