Monday, August 24, 2009

Apple pie or gift certificate?

Success!  I got everything done on my to do list today.  :)

I wish I had pre-planned my food a bit more, but I also enjoyed relaxing yesterday and not running around in the kitchen.  

At lunch time, I picked up more food for Reggie.... he was very happy about this!  Headed home to take him for a walk and then feed myself. 

-flat out, left over turkey burger w/ cheddar, red pepper, sprouts, wickles and ketchup
-side of non-fat cottage cheese and mango (YUM!)

Before heading out the door I spied a few left over dark chocolate covered almonds (I had picked some up Saturday night when we had some friends over after dinner).  So good!  Perfect treat before heading back to work. 

I had a lot on my plate back at work, so I was glued to my desk.  I brought along the last of a bag of baby carrots.  I was able to CRUNCH out my frustration.  

After work I headed home quickly to walk Reggie and then ventured out again to meet the course certification guy.  He is an official USA Track & Field Course Certifier.  We mainly went over the start and finish of the race I'm organizing, figured out where we have room for adjustment and possible issues that might need to be resolved.  It went well!  I'm getting SUPER excited for the race.  We have sponsorships rolling in, racers signing up (10 today!) and volunteers lining up.  Yay!  

Once that meeting was over, I ran home quickly for some FOOD before my next meeting... school board. 

I grabbed the remnants of a couple turkey slices..... 

And the last of the non-fat cottage cheese with a little mango.  

It did the trick!  I had a Larabar in my purse but between the food and the HEAT (some day they may air condition city hall.... yeah right), I wasn't hungry for it.  Once home, I probably should have just had some cereal but instead went for a couple slices of left over pizza the hubby had left for me. 


Nothing fancy.  But it was food.... Like I said wish I had pre-planned more.  But I hate to see pizza go to waste.  ;)

Well except maybe for the crust, it was a bit to doughy for my liking. 
I need to drink more water.  Feeling like I have been sweaty and clammy all day.  Also debating a popsicle..... thinking that may cool me off as well.  

Need to finish up some strategizing for the road race, mainly figuring out businesses to hit up for prizes.  What do you think are good age group prizes for a 5k?  This race/festival is apple themed so one of my thoughts are apple pies from a local bakery..... yes/no?  I also have gift certificates from a local running store.... but what would first get, gift certificate or a pie?  What would you appreciate more?  

Have a great night!!


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