Friday, August 28, 2009

Danny don't rain on my parade......

Stupid Hurricane Danny may ruin my weekend plans..... ggrrrrr.....

Months ago I got tickets to see James Taylor at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA. This is THE place to see JT! The hubby and I have been going to see JT together since we were in high school, yep we were HS sweethearts.... aw. But we have never been to Tanglewood out in the Berkshires.... its a bit of a hike and the hotels ain't cheap.

So please send your good weather wishes my way.... please and thank you.

I was a bad food blogger last night and didnt' take any food pictures...... oopsie. To be honest I'm not 100% sure what I ate, but it was GOOD!

What I think we had.... naan, chicken curry, saag chicken, rice....
Michelle you out there, what did I eat? ;)
Also we (me & Michelle) had some yummy wine with dinner.

I think the reason why I didn't do my homework was due to the baby cuteness in my precense. My friend Courtney's little girl Clara was so sweet and cute! She wasn't fussing at all while we were there. Definitely need to pay another visit again soon! This time bring the hubby though, Courtney's husband Al was sad no boys came along..... although I'm worried about the trouble they could get into..... well Kirt would... Al has quite the guitar collection.

I was very glad we headed home when we did though, the hour drive got us back home around 9:30 and I crashed. Had to be up early for Kettlebell this morning!

Class today was challenging but good. I like it that we did each exercise only once, but for 2 minutes. At least you didn't have to think about doing it AGAIN, so I really tried to do each one well and push myself.

Swings- 40 seconds regular/40 second single arm/40 seconds alternating
Long Cycle Clean + Press 1/2/3/4/5 and then repeat if time
Goblet Squats / Behind the Neck Squat 1min/1min
Plank variations- push up & inch worm 1 min/plank w/ knees to elbows 1 min (OMG ouch!)
High Pulls- 5/5 each side repeat for 2 min
Chest Press + Get Up Sit Up
Rows 1/2/3/4/5
Tactical Lunges- 2min straight (ouch!)
Side Planks- 1 min each side (um ouch again)
Bottoms Up Cleans
Crush Curl / Hot Potato

That workout definitely whooped my butt. My abs will be sore tomorrow too!

Then I headed home and did a quick monster. Since we are headed out of town I wanted to use up the last of my spinach.

-2 handfuls spinach
-1 cup milk
-1/2 frozen banana
-handful blueberries
-1 T almond butter
-1T ground flax

Just working a half day and then we are packing up and heading out. Crap.... I still need to pack. Kinda forgot to do that Wednesday night when I was home.

Its suppose to be cool and rainy... what is cute but still practical, ideas? I may bring my galoshes.... although they aren't cute ones... they are boring forest green ones. I need to get some of those cute ones with rubber ducks or something on them. ;)

Not sure if I'll have much time to blog.... may try blogging from my iphone, see how that goes.

I am excited for dinner tonight though! We are trying out a place called Alta, it sounds delish!

Happy Friday and hopefully we stay somewhat dry this weekend NE folks!


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  1. yummy looking monster and great workout! I hope you got to see the concert and had an ABSOLUTE blast!!