Thursday, August 27, 2009

The F word.....

Yep... FALL

Its coming.

This morning's run reminded me of that, I actually started it out with a long sleeved tech shirt on (my electric yellow one from this year's Boston Marathon to be exact as it was dark still). I tried to keep to my training schedule and do a tempo run at a 7:30 pace, I haven't gotten around to getting a Garmin yet so its all an estimate. Part way through my run natured called so I stopped by the gym, figured while I was there I would home on the treadmill for a mile at a 7:30 pace just get somewhat of an estimated feel. After that mile it was back out to pound the pavement and head home. Its been awhile since I've run on a treadmill and then continued to run outside, strange feeling.... it felt faster since I was actually going somewhere. The cool air also reinvigorated me for the end of my run.

Once home I made a super quick green monster to drink while I got ready for the day. I only had a half hour. Before work I had a New Teacher Breakfast to attend as part of being a school board member.

Green Mosnter
- 2 handfuls spinach
- 1 cup milk
- 1 T almond butter
- 1 T ground flax
- 1/2 a frozen banana
- 1 scoop soy protein powder

As I headed out the door my tummy felt a little off... wasn't sure if it was from gulping my monster.....

Once at the breakfast I grapped some Tazo green tea and a little fruit. That seemed to help my tummy a bit.

The breakfast just made me realize that summer is ending. The teachers are getting their rooms ready, the new teachers are all nervous & excited for the first day of school...... I kinda miss that first day excitement. I don't miss the homework though!

After all the speeches and introductions were done I zoomed off to work, dug through the emails that already had piled up and the realized I needed some COFFEE! Plus a co-worker had brought in some yummy looking blackberries she had picked and new just what to do with them.

-iced coffee, milk, one sugar
-ww toast, honey PB, blackberries (yum!)

The morning flew by and it was time to head home to walk Reggie and make some lunch. I had some salad ideas but wanted some quality protein, so I pulled out a box of salmon burgers. I figured one would be perfect on my salad.

These ones are distributed locally and are certified as sustainably harvested by Ecofish. I found out about this company when I was in graduate school and researching sustainable fisheries and the marketing of them. Little did I know as I sat in New Orleans at school, I'd find a company in my own backyard back home in NH!

My dad highly recommended these salmon burgers too. Although my burger was yummy on my salad, it probably wasn't its best tasting..... as I kinda burned it... oopsie. I was trying to do too much at once. I was cooking in a pan on the stove and it got a little blackened and not in a good way. Next time I want to try it grilled, I think that would be perfect! Despite my cooking mishap it was very good.

-crop share romain, zucchini, bell peppers and tomato, salmon burger, cucumber, Wickles, little parmesan and a little TJ's balsalmic vinaigrette.

Before heading back to work I packed up this snack for later..... may add some more of those blackberries at work too.
-3/4 cup plain Oikos, mango and ground flax

After work I'm picking up a friend, Michelle, and heading to visit another friend, Courtney, who had a baby a couple months back. Its been so crazy we haven't gotten to see her and her little girl Clara yet! Cannot wait to meet Clara and see Courtney! Oh and we have Indian food planned for dinner tonight!
What is your favorite type of food?
Hard for me to pick.... toss up between Mexican and Italian... both make good use of CHEESE. :)
Have a great rest of the day!



  1. Perfect running day!! :)

    Have fun visiting baby Clara!

    My favorite type of food is obviously Mexican ;)

  2. I'm jealous it's starting to feel like Fall... it's still pretty warm and humid in Seoul!

    My favorite type of food is Thai, the spicier the better!