Saturday, August 22, 2009

Slack slack....

Yes I'm a slacker... again.  I started a post yesterday and then got a bit side tracked.  I'll try again.  :)

 We had our department outing on Friday, it always gets done early so we usually venture to some waterside bars afterwards.  That meant by 2:30 I was already drinking a lovely rum punch aka Jimmy Juice.  It was my splurge of the day, drink wise.  This tiny bar deck is well known for it and I haven't had one ALL SUMMER, so it was time.  I r
eally should have snapped a picture but forgot.  :(    All is not lost though as the good people of Taste the Seacoast have info on their site.....  Jimmy Juice.  Little slice of summer heaven right there. 

It was unbelievably hot out and there was no breeze on the deck.... an odd occurrence as usually by the water there is some breeze.  So after finishing our Jimmy Juice we headed next door to a mexican place next door.  I decided a margarita after a stiff rum drink was a bad idea.  So instead I did a Corona Light... it screams summer to me, its not the greatest tasting beer in the world but it is good on a hot day.  

Eventually it was time to head home.  But the rest of the normal working world was just getting out of work for the day, so I met up with some friends back at little bar near my house.  I was good and got water.  Once my hubby was out we tried to figure out a game plan and decided to grill at our friend's house and watch the Red Sox v. Yankees game.  We did burgers, dogs, potato salad and some mixed veggies.  I had a lovely burger on a perfectly toasted deli roll, so good!  The potato salad was excellent  as well, made with CSA potatoes and onion.  (but all were camera shy).  I had some wine with dinner, but soon I the day was catching up to me.  We left before the end of the game.  (but at least it was going well for us Yankees fans)

Yesterday was a big day.  So I had to get started with a yummy breakfast, our traditional Saturday breakfast at a place down the street.  

-Blueberry pancakes w/ one egg scrambled on the side.  Yum.  I really should have just ordered 1 pancake, they are so huge!

After breakfast I ran some errands, got my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed (ouch!  but they look so much better now).  At one the hubby got done with a little work for the day and it was off to get my lovely NEW car (well new to me). 

My beautiful 2006 Honda Pilot

I really don't drive that much during the week or even the weekend, but when we do road trips we always seem to be crunched for space.  Poor Reggie was always surrounded by stuff.  Hopefully now we will have a bit more room for us all and kiddos once we get to that point.  For now we will just pack the car full of friends and family!  :)

As for today, it was my long run day.... but not as long as last week thankfully.  I only had 10 miles planned.  I decided to stick around my town rather then heading to the beach, although the hubby and I may hit the beach later. 

I ate a couple small handfuls of Kashi Heart to Heart and then was on my way.  In my lovely NEW shoes, this was a week of new stuff I guess.  I took a couple scenic shots along the way....

About the half way point....

Railtrail near the end.... crosses an old railroad bridge. 

I was hungry hungry after my run, so I did a green monster & some cereal

Green Monster- spinach, milk, ice, banana, blueberries, ground flax & almond butter
Cereal- Kashi H2H, cantaloupe, strawberries, almond butter and low fat cottage cheese. 

Love how the cottage cheese looks like puffy clouds. 

Well now to take care of a few things around the house and then head to the beach!!  

Enjoy the last bit of your weekend. 



  1. How much of the railtrail is complete? I need to check it out!

    Both breakfasts in this post look yummy!

  2. Only a short part of it is kind of complete.... hopefully next year more will get done. Not much is paved yet but from the train station to Silver st. is kinda done. You can go through the tunnel on Silver and then there are stairs up to the street level..... those stairs are great for a workout, there has got to be at least 50 of them.....running up and down them.