Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slowing it down....

Good Evening, 

Yes, it is before 8pm.... I am home... I have plans to go nowhere.... ahhh.... life is good!  Oh and I got the house to myself, hubby had plans to meet his old boss for a drink, I passed.  Reggie and I are chilling at home.  :)

Today I had lunch with my mom at a local coffee shop.  
I love meeting her for lunch, there is just one issue..... 

she. eats. so. slow. 

(not good when you are on a tight schedule)

In reality though I should try to follow her lead more, although I did somewhat.  We each had a cup of soup and split a sandwich. 

-cup of homemade gazpacho soup
- 1/2 of a tuna salad sandwich on toasted rustic bread, small side of cottage cheese, pickles

I think when I was done with mine she still had at least half of her sandwich and soup left. Granted I was on my lunch break, a bit wound up from my day.... but there was no need to shovel down my food.  Actually though, I probably ate at a normal pace for an average American, maybe even slower... I was conversing between eating and all, but my mom has apparently perfected the art of slow eating.  

I figure this is a good time to remind myself why its good to eat slow. 
  • tasting your food, enjoying every bite
  • gives your body time to signal when it is getting full
  • improves digestion
  • usually you eat less, allows you to get the "I'm full signal" before you have passed the point of no return
  • therefore less tendency to overeat
This also goes along with intuitive eating and respecting your fullness.  By respecting it you are taking the time for it to actually be triggered.  

Do you eat slowly?  Do you respect your fullness?

Back to my day....
my lunch left me comfortably full, however later in the afternoon I needed a little snack.

Larabar to the rescue!  As well as some green tea.  

I stayed a little late at work and then ran some errands afterwards, by the time I got home Reggie was ready to go!  Off for a walk we went!

After our walk it was time to get working on dinner, but I needed a little appetizer while I worked..... some lovely grapes. 

-grilled pork w/ mesquite seasoning
-grilled zucchini and green peppers w/ olive oil, balsamic vinegar and little garlic
-left over potatoes from last night

Quick and easy dinner!  The weather held off so that we were able to dine outside.  Gotta get those outdoor dining days in while we can!

Yummy dinner, but it needed a little dessert as well.  
I found one lonely brownie bite left over from Saturday night when we had friends over. 


Reggie and I are going to chill some more and catch up on Tivo.  

And I WILL get to bed early tonight!!!

Have a great night!



  1. Glad you're enjoying your night at home with Reggie :) My mom eats super slow too....or maybe we both just eat way too fast haha. I think its from eating lunch at my desk too often. I just always feel the need to shovel it down! Fabulous dinner

  2. Just found your blog so thought I'd say hi! Cashew Lara, tuna salad sandwich and brownie bites- good call :D

    My mom is the opposite...she eats REALLY fast. I like to take time to enjoy my meals when I can and always feel really akward when we are having dinner and she is finished and I have barely made a dent!