Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slacker weekend.... blogging that is....

So I had great intentions to blog Friday night but I was computer-less. We are down to one laptop and my hubby uses it a lot for work. He was working late and had the computer with him, so no blogging possible.... I haven't been able to find any great Apps for my iPhone yet to do what I want. BUT the good news is we finally ordered me a new computer, hopefully my new MacBook will be in the mail soon. Yay!!

Back to Friday.

I had a great lunch with my mom, I met her during my lunch hour at the Portsmouth Tea Company. They have fabulous teas of course but also some yummy sandwiches, soups, salads, etc. I opted for half a sandwich and soup, as one of the soups was a chilled carrot ginger... YUM! I had the soup with half of a chicken salad sandwich on multi-grain, their chicken salad is delish done panini style with dried cranberries, almonds & sage. I had to get my favorite tea too, iced of course for summer.... the Geisha Green Tea.... so good! Its a tropical kind of green tea with coconut and pineapple flavor.

My mom is headed to a beach house they rent for the week, so we yapped about her plans for vacation. I'm hoping to get up there some time this up coming week, might take a day off to hang at the beach and get a run in.

So after lunch it was back to work. My late afternoon snack was a Larabar.

That Larabar was suppose to help fuel my 5 mile run after work, but the heavy downpour when I left work killed any motivation I had. So I caught up on some Tivo and snacked on some cheese, crackers & wine.... great substitute for a run, huh? Oh well. (oh and I had a few more crackers than the ones shown here)

At 7 I was off to the concert my hubby was working on, unfortunately it was suppose to have been out side... but the rain moved it in. It was a great show despite the change in venue. It didn't end till after 9:30 so the cheese & crackers earlier were a good idea. Afterwards I came home and had some camera shy leftovers.... whole wheat tortilla, chicken & cheese... relaxed and waiting for my hubby. We decided not to go out and instead chill and head to bed early.

Satuday morning we did our normal breakfast with my in-laws at a local place. I forgot to get a picture of my breakfast, but I did a breakfast sandwich.... english muffin, egg, american cheese and canadian bacon w/ a side of homefries.... my splurge breakfast of the week. :)

Then it was home to work on some projects around the house. Oh how do I HATE oil based paint.... it seems to get every where and is so hard to clean up! Once done though I headed out to do some errands and grabbed myself a Geisha Green Tea to go from Portsmouth Tea Company. Yum.
I grabbed a quick left over slice of cheeze pizza for lunch, as we had no food in the house and my wonderful father-in-law dropped off a left over pizza from Friday night's concert band food.

We walked into to town for a Pet Parade. Reggie had to join in on the action.

It was fun to see all the pooches and the few brave cats the showed up, as well as a lizard of some sort and a bunny.

It was a beautiful night so we decided to chill at home on our deck.

We grilled up some mesquite seasoned pork, string beans and I made a cole slaw from some carrots and cabbage from our CSA. I accidentally used more mayo than I wanted to in the cole slaw but it was yummy. I just used olive oil mayo and some white wine vinegar.

I started off this morning with a 10 mile run, I love that I can go just a few miles from my house in town to this.....
I had a handful of Kashi Heart to Heart before I left and then when I got back had this.......
And some cold pizza. The breakfast of champions. I desperately need to grocery shop obviously!!!!!

So finally I got the the grocery store, but opted to hang on the deck after a bike ride to see some friends. Needed some munchy food so tortilla chips and fresh salsa...
And don't forget the wine... its a white table wine from a local vineyard.

Alright time to think about dinner!!!


  1. Sounds like a pretty nice little weekend you had :) Your deck is beautiful! I would sit out there allll the time! Portsmouth is beautiful! Do you like close by? I grew up in Mass and my parents moved up to NH for a bit when I wa sin college

  2. Yep, I live fairly close. We are spoiled being able to walk into our downtown area, so we rarely get to Portsmouth.... but its definitely a great spot, especially during the summer!

  3. Reggie looks to have enjoyed his night on the town! :)

    I need to check out PTC for lunch sometime... because you know I'm obsessed with the tea!! :)

  4. They have an awesome grilled veggie panini there!