Friday, July 31, 2009

Dead Lifting....

Why do they call them dead lifts.... cause you feel kinda dead after doing them?
This mornings kettlebell class was a simple one, those are usually the worst ones though.....
After a nice warm up we moved on to

  • 5 heavy dead lifts
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 knees to chest crunches

As many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. Killer.

Colin, our fearless instructor knows when to push me and challenge the weight I use..... so I did the dead lifts with double bells of about 54lbs each, so over a 100lbs total! Holy cow, that's some heavy stuff. I think I made it about 4 rounds with the regular pushups before I had to modify and go to my knees. I hate doing them that way, but my form would have been awful otherwise. Still I am able to do more than I used to before starting at the kettlebell gym and in time I'm sure I'll be able to improve and do even more!

I think I did about 12 or 13 rounds of all 3 exercises. Its too hard to keep count at 6am in the morning. ;)

After class I headed home for breakfast on the deck, however I'm out of greek yogurt and no milk. So I looked in the pantry and tried to figure out what might be good....

Hodgson Mills Multi Grain Hot Cereal
1/3 cup of the cereal
1 cup water
most of a small banana
cooked it up
then added blueberries, strawberries & a spoon of almond butter

Yum. Then it was time to water my lovely plants on the deck.... hit the shower and then get my butt to work!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!


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