Monday, August 3, 2009

Bell-erific Monday

So tonight's Kettlebell class was a good one, but must do a recap of the day first.

Started out with my usual breakfast, however it was at work instead of home as I was running late.
-kashi heart to heart, berries, greek yogurt, ground flax, almond butter
-iced coffee (switched to skim milk & sugar in the raw... better than splenda, right?)

Delish midmorning snack of nectarine!

Trudged through the day to lunch. Ate at my desk since I had to leave on time.
-flat out, left over grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce & little mayo
-left over cole slaw

Had the mid-afternoon munchies. Chugged a bunch of water but still hungry and out of food.... so I hit the cafe.... not sure how "smart" Smartfood is, but it filled me up.

After work I swung by the Farmers' Market to big up our crop share.... forgot to take a pic, but it included.... string beans, onions, baby turnips, tomatoes, green peppers, potatoes and beets. Yum!

I headed home to unload and change for Kettlebell. The hubby was suppose to come with me, but he got tied up at work.... as usual.

Tonight's class...
After a short warm up.
Suitcase lunges
Static Rows
See-Saw Press
Alternating Cleans
Double Chest Press
Side Planks

Did each for 40 seconds, 20 second break, repeat 5 times. I pushed myself tonight and did the "green bells" they are 26lbs each. The See-Saw presses & alternating cleans killed though, so eventually I had to go down in weight a bit to 20lb bells. It was an AWESOME class though. I felt so strong pressing those 26 pounders!!!

After class I was STARVING but had to still make dinner, so the most appealing quick snack was a big class of cold milk. :) That helped get me through the dinner prep process.

Nothing fancy and once again our timing was off....
Veggies were already.... But the turkey burgers were not. But we dug in anyways.

-Left over grilled turnips, carrots & zucchini.
-Tomato & basil salad (just tomatoes & basil tossed with some olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

Turkey Burger
- flat out, ground turkey with Montreal Chicken spices, tomato, baby bell light cheese and some ketchup. plus a glass of cab.
It was so tasty I had most of a second one. I was hungry after class!!!

Tomorrow is going to be a long one so I should hit the hay, need to pack some snacks first though. We are going to be up and out before 4am to get to the funeral. Its a 7-8 hour drive and we are going to attempt to go round trip in a day. Wish us luck!


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