Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1 day, 950 miles......

That is what we drove yesterday. But every mile was worth it.

We went to our friend, Aviva's mother's funeral service yesterday. It was a LONG day, but Aviva and her husband Glenn have been gone from home for about a month now to be by her mother's side. She passed away from ovarian cancer at the young age of 63.

We have been friends with A & G for about 4 or so years. We met while on a volunteer committee for a to-be-constructed community rail trail. The hubby and I just clicked with them and we have been best couple friends ever since.... we hang out usually once a week or so, but usually more. We share a love of food, beverages, travel and politics. For over a year now A's mom has been battling ovarian cancer, we heard about the ups and downs along the and the last month has been a very difficult one for them. In reality all I really wanted to do was just give them both a big hug after all of this.... service or not, the long day was mainly to give them a hug.

Despite our 4+ year friendship with the distance from A's mom we never really got to know her all that well unfortunately.... but we learned so much about her yesterday at the service and it helped explain how A became who she is. It also was a bit of an "ah ha" moment for me in a way. To hear of all the amazing things A's mom did during her 63 years, she opitimized the saying "living life to the fullest"...... volunteer work, creative arts, political activism, travel, dedication to her friends and family, dedication to various charities and causes, never wanting to miss out, never wanting to give up..... living life with passion. It was truly an amazing service and I am glad we went.

I'll skip the food stuff for this post......just stick to remembering an amazing woman & reminding myself (and hopefully you) to live each day to the fullest and find your passion in life.


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