Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ladies night.....

Tonight was a fun night. 

I left work a tad early to go grab a drink with a co-worker.  Her birthday was last weekend and we never got to celebrate.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day so we hit a deck by the river.  It was so nice to sit outside.  I enjoyed a yummy orange flavored vodka soda.  

After our drink by the river I headed home to change and move on to my next adventure, dinner with a few other friends!  We met up at a restaurant that I have driven by a million times and always said I needed to try.... well I finally tried and it was delish!

I thought the best way to start the evening was with a warm weather beverage..... cue sangria. 

I'm used to a much darker sangria, but this one was nice and not too heavy. I opted for a salad & an appetizer.  I started with a chopped spinach salad. 
-baby spinach, chickpeas, roasted red peppers, onion, feta kalamata vinaigrette.... YUM!

The next picture of my entree... will NOT go down in history as one of the greats in the world of blogging..... or actually any world.  Apparently I moved the phone too fast or something and added a bit of motion to it.  ;)
Tuna Carpaccio
-ahi tuna, red onion, fried capers, Grana Padano cheese and olive oil with toast bread

Ain't that one beauty of a picture.  LOL  

Oh well.  The real sad part was that I didn't take a picture of dessert.  The 6 of us shared carrot cake and a thick fudgey chocolate cake.  Poor me was seated right in the middle with both in front of me....  it was so hard not to keep nibbling!!!  They were so yummy!

Despite the dessert indulgence I don't feel stuffed.  My salad and appetizer as an entree were the perfect portion.  Got some veggies, dairy, carbs and protein.....and chocolate!  

Even though I decided to take tomorrow off, I'll be up and out early.  Planning on 6am Kettlebell, then will head to the beach to visit with my mom... I'm pretty certain we will go for a run and then later I'll head home to meet the hubby & friends for a concert in the park.... I LOVE SUMMER!!!!

Nighty night, 


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