Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feel the Heat.....

No no... I'm not complaining.... just feelin' it and appreciating it as winter will soon be here.

So yesterday was a balmy one. A smart person would have gotten up early for the day's run, before it got too hot.... but instead I opted to sleep in till 6:30. :)

But then genius struck as I realized I had to drop my car off for some work in a town on the coast..... the perfect place to be on a hot day.... by the ocean! Before that though, I had to get through the work day and that called for a yummy breakfast of my favorites.

-Kashi Heart to Heart Oats, greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, ground flax and a little almond butter. Yes I am addicted!

Then it was off to work for the day. By mid-morning I needed a little snack and I had brought this enormous but delicious nectarine. I prefer nectarines over peaches..... no fuzz. I think in 6th grade I even wrote a poem about nectarines & summer.
At lunch time I headed home to eat as I didn't get a chance to pack my lunch, plus I just love having that luxury.... being able to go home for a bit. However, my lunch was not all that spectacular. I was feeling the need for something other than turkey so I pulled out these frozen salmon burgers. Blech. I ate it, but the salmon burger was just not right....... the flavor was a bit off or something.

-flat out, salmon burger, spinach, tomato, baby bell light cheese and a little mayo
- side of fresh from the famer's market green beans, raw .... these saved the meal! so crunch and delicious!!!

Then it was back to work, I plugged on through the day, snacked on banana and later a Peanut Butter Cookie Lara Bar. Lots of water too as I had to get ready for my post work run!

Before leaving work my mom called, being the Facebook stalker that she is.... she noted my update about doing a run by the ocean after work, she was up for a run too so she joined me. Worked out well too as I was able to drop off my car at the repair shop and then have a ride to go run and to get home. :)
We had an absolutely BEAUTIFUL 6 mile run! . I really need to do the loop we did more often, it does seem silly to drive to go run, but when you have a route this gorgeous that is all the reason you need! There was also a fabulous breeze coming off the ocean as well. Oh and I should add part of our run went through the park where my husband and I were married, so its always nice to pay a visit there. Its a fabulous park overlooking the ocean and the river, you can see several lighthouses from the park.
The only distressing thing about the run was my stupid running shorts. I'm a bit behind on laundry so I didn't have much to choose from, so I snagged a pair of side-split running shorts I had been given..... NOT GOOD.... especially when its windy out! First problem is the shorts are a bit big.... so the underwear part of them rides up, but then the shorts part almost has too much fabric to ride up. The wind was opening up the side split quite a bit and then I had the underwear part riding up.... all which led to me at least feeling like I was mooning everyone that drove by! Oh well.... note to self, get rid of those shorts!!!!

Once I was home and showered it was time for dinner. I was ravenous!!! I really should have brought a snack with me for right after the run. So while I cooked dinner I ate a little Baby Bell Light cheese round.
I had lots of fabulous veggies to choose from since I just picked up our crop share last night, I opted for one my favorites baby turnips! These little suckers are so amazing on the grill, just a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. They come out so juicy and delicious. The other great thing is you can sautee up the greens, which I did with some olive oil and garlic. So two sides from one amazing little veggie!!

So my turnips and turnip greens were joined by a turkey burger with some sauteed onions (crop share), tomato and a little plain greek yogurt on a whole wheat bun. Not too shabby. I added a little Montreal Chicken seasoning to the ground turkey, I think its made by McCormick or something like that.

The burger I had was a bit small, so I grabbed a bit of another one too minus the bun & fixings. Felt like I needed a bit more protein.

I was getting caught up on shows I Tivo'd over vacation last night, so I stayed up a bit later than I probably should have.... and of course I eventually felt the need for a little dessert. I wanted to keep it somewhat light so I went for a frozen fruit bar. It was a Caribbean Fruit Flow from Trader Joe's. Lots of yummy frozen fruit, it was a perfect way to end a hot day!

So what do you do to beat the heat??


  1. I'm a nectarine girl as well! :)

    I'm so glad we finally got the air conditioners in today (nevermind it was mostly to keep the humidity down so the rug can dry from the washing machine flood!) - it's hot out!

    I want to try the Newcastle loop sometime... pretty views!

  2. I'm so sorry about your washing machine! I hope things dry out quickly for you.

    You definitely need to check it out, its a gorgeous run.... we saw the tugs helping out a huge cargo ship yesterday... it was a pretty awesome sight!