Monday, July 27, 2009

The slacking continues....

I've been very bad with the start of my blogging career. But I hope to improve drastically in the comings weeks... now that vacation is over and my lastest distraction, my father's visit, is over.

Tonight I'll upload some pictures from this past weekend's food fest! My dad was down visiting from the northern Adirondacks and he had one request...... LOBSTER! So we cooked them up at home and enjoyed them on our deck, as we finally have some beautiful weather in NH!

I was up bright and early this morning though for Kettlebell. Today's class was a challenging one with some heavy lifting. I also impressed myself as it also invovled pull ups, I was a bit scared but we could use these big rubber band things to lighten the load a bit, I was able to do them with the smaller band!

Today's exercises....
Find 2 partners. Perform as many sets of 5 reps as possible in 6 minutes.
Round 1Barbell Press x 5
Round 2Pull Ups x 5
Round 3Front Weighted Squats x 5
Round 4Get Up Sit Up w/ weights x 5

All that lifting got me hungry but I didn't have a ton of time, so I did my favorite go to breakfast....

-Kashi toasted oats, greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, spoonful of almond butter and a sprinkle of ground flax. So yummy! Along with a huge glass of water.

Then I had to say goodbye to my Dad and head to work, he's driving back home today. I probably won't see him again till late September. In the meantime he is getting ready to head to northern Canada (cause the Adirondacks are wild enough for him) for a paddling trip. Its complete with float planes, leaving from Yellow Knife, to get him where they want to be!

Back to a full week at work.... last week was nice to only have 2 days after vacation, but now its the full week..... ugh. Hopefully it doesn't drag too much! To get me through this morning I got a 16oz ice coffee with skim milk and a little splenda.

My To Do's today.... aside from work....

-pick up our Crop Share, cannot wait to see what goodies we get this week

-school board meeting

-try to squeeze in a bike ride with the hubby

-oh and BLOG BLOG BLOG. ;)

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