Tuesday, July 28, 2009

14 Weeks till the NYC Marathon!!!!

I better start hunkering down and get my training on, huh?

I've been trying to keep my milegage up since Boston and the Sugarloaf Marathon earlier this year, but its so hard in the summer months! There are so many distractions and of course the heat & humidity.

So many people are amazed by how much I am out running during the winter and early spring, but I actually perfer training in that weather. If its freezing or even below zero, just add more layers. If its snowing or sleeting, just wear a shell and the layers underneath.

Summer, you can only shed so much and I have to carry that much more water with me. I have definitely had some not so fun moments on long runs where I did not plan well and ran out of water.... I went searching for any place to fill up my fuel belt.... a school, a nursing home, anything that might have water available. I think that is why one of my favorite places to run is along the ocean.... temperatures are a bit more moderate and there are several bath houses along the way with water fountains......Plus I love the scenery!

So this weeks training schedule....
Monday- kettlebell
Tuesday- 6 miles, easy pace
Wednesday- kettlebell
Thursday- 5 miles, including a 3 mile tempo run around 7:30 pace
Friday- 5 miles and kettlebell
Sunday- 10 miles, easy pace

I'll food blog later. :)


  1. hi,
    can you provide additional information on sets/exercises you perform with your kettlebells? ive completed 2 sprint triathlons this summer and now training for the philly marathon this november. i plan on focusing mainly on long sets of swings for the quads/lowerback, and cleans/jerks for the calfs abd shoulders.


  2. This will be my first marathon that includes kettlebells in my training. I had held off till after the Boston Marathon to start, so this is a whole new experience to see how it meshes with my training.

    That said I know I have become MUCH strong since I started using the bells. I think the long sets will be good, but I might also add in some shorter sets of heavier weight. I know a lot of runners shy away from going heavy, but I think it helps you build power..... that comes in handy for hills and at the end of the marathon.

    I do need to do some additional research on others who have added kettlebells & crossfit training to their marathon preparation.

    I usually post the exercises I do each day I do kettlebell, hopefully those gives you some ideas on some variations to try. Hope that helps some!