Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Its Getting Hot In Here.....

Eeks its warm in our house! Thank goodness for the a/c in the bedroom and tv room.

Despite the heat, it was a good day. I was up and out early at 6am for kettlebell.
Today's session was pretty intense, more cardio than Monday's heavy lifting day. It also focused a lot on your abs.

We did each station for 1 minute, 15 second break between stations and did the whole circuit 4 times.
-mountain climbers (w/ feet in rings)
-overhead squats (held kettlebell overhead w/ one arm, squating touching the opposite hand to the ground)
-weighted ball squat/ slams (12lbs)
-planks to an inchworm
-bottoms up cleans
-one arm ring rows

Class ran a bit longer than usual so when I got home I had little time to get ready. I packed my breakfast, figured I'd just eat at my desk. I didn't compromise though, I had to have my usual to keep me going... (kashi heart to heart, berries, greek yogurt, flax and lil almond butter)

Since breakfast was a bit later than usual, no mid morning snack.... well except for a camera shy iced coffee that is. :)

I headed home again at lunch time today to walk the dog, Reggie, and grab some lunch. I love having leftovers that work well for lunch! I made good use of last night's turkey burger leftovers in a wonderful wrap.... also used some left over turnip greens as well.

-flat out, turkey burger, turnip greens, tomato and baby bell light cheese
-side of raw green beans
a yummy lunch!

I packed an afternoon snack for later on, some cantaloup & greek yogurt, as well as a camera shy banana.

After work I had a meeting for a local 5K road race I'm helping to plan, I'm essentially one of the race directors you could say. I'm excited and nervous about it, I really hope to pull it off and make it a yearly event. Just need to get more sponsors rolling in!

Once the meeting wrapped up I headed home to walk Reggie again. Just as we were finishing up the hubby rolled in and we were off to go test drive some possible new cars for me. My current car has gotten to the point where something is going almost every month.... so we thought we'd see what is out there. We are also trying to plan for a vehicle we can have long term..... one that will be around when we get to that whole having kids thing, ack!

I think I may have found the car but we need to crunch numbers first and possibly try to sell my car through a private sale for a little extra $$.

After all that car excitement I was starving! So while I cooked up some chicken & heated tortillas I enjoyed a little cheese and a lovely glass of Malbec Rose.

Once the chicken was ready and seasoned with some mexican spices it was time to make a delicious fajita/taco/whatever you wanna call it. However, I was a bit disappointed to realize we were out of not only salsa but tomatoes as well. :(

So my poor chicken only had some cheese, plain greek yogurt and lettuce..... so sad.
It wasn't that bad though...... I had two. :)

After cleaning up and starting some laundry it was time to catch up on some SYTYCD..... aka So You Think You Can Dance.... love that show. I remembered how wonderful last night's TJ's Tropcal Fruit Flow was..... so I had one while I watched.

Once again, its far past my bedtime. I never seem to get to bed early lately...... LOL "early lately"

How do you get yourself to go to bed on time?? And not instead get caught up in all the crap that needs to get done. (hhmm... maybe you don't watch SYTYCD? nah....)



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