Monday, July 27, 2009

Back into the swing....

Now that the craziness of vacation is over and the visit from my dad.... back to blogging.

Today was a busy one as usual. I got the weekly email from our CSA (crop share association) mentioning that we should try to get to the farmer's market early, as they would pack up if an afternoon thunderstorm sprung up. So smart me decided to swing by at lunch time, only problem is the market doesn't open till 2pm. Then I hit traffic due to road work..... so I had very little time for lunch so I threw this together......

- Flatout, turkey, provolone, tomato, spinach and a lil' mayo w/ a nice juicy piece of cantaloupe. Yum!

Then it was back to work. Had a little snack of Pirates Booty around 3:30 or so along with a big ol' glass of water.

After work I ran back to the farmer's market to get our crop share. Look at this amazing spread!

Lettuce, onions, carrots, baby turnips, cabbage, green beans, potatoes
I also could not resist the sunflowers and picked up a bunch.

I unfortunately did not have time for a bike ride as I had a 6:30 meeting. I decided not to chance it and have my dinner first. Kept it simple with another wrap, notice a trend here?

We had some left over steak tips from last night so I cut & heated a piece up, added in some fresh lettuce, tomato and some baby bell cheese. Unfortunately the meat was chewy not sure what happened so I only ate the other stuff, little meat. :( So sad.

My meeting didn't last nearly as long as I thought it would so I came home to do some chores and see the hubby. :) My disappointing dinner caught up to me and I had to have a little something else, some ice cream in the fridge was calling my name.... so it was a small dish of chocolate fudge ice cream. Yum. :) It was camera shy though.

So what has been keeping me so busy..... my wonderful dad visiting! His one request, other than wanting to spend quality time together, was to enjoy some lobster together...... so we did!

But before the lobsters we enjoyed some mussels.....

Of course I had to pose with my mussel and my muscles.....

But then I got full..... so we had to take a break before the lobsters.
As you will note in most of the pictures I have wine. I enjoyed myself quite a bit, unfortunately I had a 5K the next day at 8am about 30 minutes away. I survived, definitely not my best time ever (22:49), but I made it through some how. But definitely a lesson learned, take it easy the night before.... regardless of house guests.....either that or not schedule a race the next day. ;)

So prior to my dad's visit.... there was Cape Cod. Ah what a wonderful time! We had some much fun. A recap of some of the highlights.......

Serious Matches of Badminton

Chillin On the Deck....

Riding Bikes on the Rail Trail

Enjoying Beautiful Sunsets

Relaxing at the Beach

And Cooking Up Some Tasty Eats
Alright time to focus on serious matters.... like Jillian's drama on the Bachelorette!

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