Thursday, July 30, 2009

TGIF.... tomorrow

I'm very happy tomorrow is Friday!!

Sometimes I wished I didn't look forward to the weekends so much, I feel like by wishing the week away I'm wishing away life... kinda sorta.... Its the trade off I guess, but it is nice to have the comforts of an ok salary. ;)

Today started off so well with a nice rainy run, some weeding and then my normal delicious breakfast of Kashi Heart to Heart, greek yogurt, berries, flax & almond butter...... yes there are berries & yogurt in there I swear.....


Mid morning I had a great snack of cut up nectarine, much easier to eat this way as it was super ripe and oh so yummy!

Lunch continued the trend of good eating.....
Flat Out, turkey burger, lettuce, turnips, baby bell light cheese and a little TJ's balsamic dressing.

Of course once again the perfect side were more fresh string beans. So good!

And that's about where all the good for me eating ended. I brought a Larabar with me for an afternoon snack, but I had forgotten they were getting us pizza at work. I had one small piece of pesto w/ lots of veggies.... so not too bad. I was trying to eat on the lighter side today as I was meeting a couple of friends out for dinner.

After work I walked the dog and took care of a couple of things around the house, then I walked into town for dinner. It was an absolutely gorgeous night! We enjoyed ourselves on the deck of the restaurant, sharing appetizers and having a few drinks. I started out with a glass of pinot hit the spot on a warm night, so much so that I had a second one. We split some nachos with chicken and a white pizza, as well as a garden salad. I tried to take it easy on the nachos but melted cheese is hard to resist. I didn't stuff myself but I left satisfied..... however my friends ordered margaritas and I could not pass one up... it was the perfect night for one, plus we had more gabbing to do. I know the calories in them are rather high, but it was a splurge night. After the margarita I moved on to a nice big glass of water, hydrating for tomorrow mornings kettlebell class.

How do you handle temptations when you dine out, especially when out with friends?

Have a great night!


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  1. Temptations - boo! Sometimes I'll have something yummy & healthy before I go out so I'm full & not as interested in treats.

    If I decide I want to share the fabulous gooey cheesy appetitzer, I try to get a small plate & give myself a portion rather than pick off the big plate.

    In terms of alcohol, I've been trying to start off with water & order my first drink when people are on their second round.

    I really really really try to limit myself to just 2 drinks otherwise I get SUPER snacky.

    Going out is fun! I'll never give it up & I know you won't either! :)