Friday, October 9, 2009

Self diagnosis.... correct!

This morning was quite the debate.....

5:25 alarm goes off.... I hit snooze

5:35 alarm goes off.... I hit snooze

5:45 alarm goes off... I hit snooze, then debate.... do I go to kettlebell at 6am or do I attempt to go after work.  fortunately I like about a mile away from the gym. 

I got up.  I went.  Once I was there I was glad I went... I might have woken up by the end of class?  ;-)

Today's workout was good, lots of variety.  Did the following twice. 
Work for 1 minute. Rest for 30 seconds.
One Arm Swings
Push Press
Goblet Squat
Chest Press
One Legged Deadlift
One Arm Rows
High Pulls
Tactical Lunges
Swing + Flip + Catch
Crunch Variations

Twas good.  I didn't get bored... not that I ever really get bored at kettlebell, thus why I go!

I headed home afterwards, showered, prepped breakfast and walked the pooch.  

Breakfast was camera shy this morning.  Oats.  Same oats I've been eating this week.  Sorry I'm not exciting.  ;(

I left work for a bit today to visit the podiatrist.  Finally!  

Well... I'm good at self diagnosis.  I do have plantars fasciitis.  Definitely in my right food and my left may just be a bit sympathetic, how sweet of it.  LOL  

Good news, the doctor never used the "r" word.... rest.  Instead she gave me the following.....

New inserts for my shoes....

This lovely brace to wear to bed..... hopefully I don't kick the hubby....

It is suppose to keep my foot flexed.  

I go back in two weeks to see if this helps.  If not I'll get a shot of cortisone in my foot, ouch.  

My toenails on my big toes are coming in ok, I just need to keep an eye on them.  So overall a good visit to the foot doctor.  :)

I headed back to work for a bit, but soon enough it was lunch time.   I had plans to meet my mom, so I kept them and met up with her at one of my favorite places.... Portsmouth Tea Company.  They had some great specials today, I got the cuban sandwich on ciabatta bread with their yummy crunchy salad.  I also finally tried their Harvest Moon tea.  YUM!  It was more like dessert... citrus with a hint of candy corn!

It was a super filling lunch.  But yummy!  It was great to catch up with my mom.  She is a running fool too.  Some of her friends met up the other night to celebrate one lady's birthday, they went for a run then did dinner!  They rock!!

After work I dragged the hubby out for a post work cocktail.  I just had some red wine.  Yay!

Then it was home to make dinner. 

-TJ's pesto chicken sausage
-Newman's tomato sauce
-whole wheat pasta
-little freshly grated parmesan 
-more wine

Despite indulging in some wine tonight, I think I'll do my long run tomorrow.  I just want to get it out of the way and enjoy the rest of my weekend (oh and I don't have Monday off so its just a regular weekend for me... boo hoo).  

So I'll attempt another 20 miles tomorrow.  No half marathon to keep me going this weekend though.  Just me, my iphone and the pavement.  I think I'll download a few new songs tonight. 

What are some of your favorite workout songs right now??

Hope your weekend is off to a fabulous start!  Oh and I have started to copy my posts over to www.  so if you have links to this site or gmail reader linked, you can switch it to the new site.  Hopefully by next week I'll be totally over there!!!

Good night!


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  1. Take care of yourself chicky. One of our instructors got plantar fasciitis and didn't take it easy and....lets just so she is now forced to :(. I know rest really does. But as they say...better to rest a little now than A LOT later. Good luck with the 20 and have SO much fun at the chili party