Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainy dreary day....

Good morning!!

Its a rainy chilly day here.  Very glad I don't have to go run in this, instead it was a kettlebell morning!

Todays Workout
-warm up
-Go heavy!
  5 overhead presses with the bar + 20 lbs
  30 swings w/26kg or 60lbs
  We did this with a partner so while one worked the other rested.  Kept repeating until 20      minutes was up.  
-abs & stretching

Got home showered up and grabbed a glass of good ol' OJ.  :)

Enjoyed my OJ while I prepped my breakfast that I will eat at work.  This cooler weather definitely has me on an oatmeal kick!

-1/3 c oats, couple tablespoons of Multi Grain Hot Cereal for variety
-1T almond butter
-1T ground flax
-1T chopped walnuts
-couple T of magical maple granola

The granola is from a local health food store.... basic bulk granola, its pretty tastey though!
Hoping today goes by quickly.... of course now that I said that it won't!  I want to get home and work on the whole.... "what do I want to do with my life" issue.  Nothing heavy at all.  ;-)

I am also looking forward to this weekend, we have some fun stuff planned including a friend's Chilifest party.  Got any great vegetarian chili recipes???  They always do a contest and it seems like the vegetarian category always has some slim pickings.  So I thought I'd go that route.  I'd love to hear about your favorite recipes!

Have a great day!!


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  1. Glad you got in a good workout. That granola sounds delicious. I sometimes follow a recipe for chili but usually just end up throwing lots of random veggies and beans in a pot with tomato sauce, hot sauce & chili powder ;)