Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Payback for a late night......


I think my late night last night has caught up with me.  I'm tired!

Hope y'all had a good day. 

On my way home at lunch time I thought I'd snap a few pictures of one of the places my crew plants & maintains downtown. 

This is an old fountain that leaks, so we put plants in it!

Yay!  Pretty mums, also I'm happy that some of my summer plantings are still going strong at the lower level.  I really need to split those monstrous hostas sometime. 

Once home I made myself some lunch.....

-sandwich thin w/ turkey, provolone, hummus and greens
-side of roasted sweet potatoes & brussel sprouts

While I was home I responded to some more post race emails and caught up on tweets & facebook updates.  I feel so far behind, my iphone has no service at work..... as I'm not really suppose to use my work computer for that stuff.  :(

Back at work I had a mid afternoon snack of yogurt.
TJ's Mocha.... interesting flavor, I think I like it.  Needed some granola mixed in though!

After work I was a woman on a mission.... had to get my run in!

So I suited up and was off on a 6 mile run, I didn't wear a watch though, it was suppose to be a relaxing run..... although I felt great a few times during my run and pushed the pace a bit.  On my way home I swung by my in-law's to pick up Reggie.  Reggie & I walked home from there. 

The hubby wanted to go for a walk too, so we headed out again for about a 2 mile walk through town.  I was STARVING by the time we got back. 

-baked haddock w/ panko crumbs, lemeon juice and some seafood seasoning
-left over roasted sweet potatoes and brussle sprouts
-TJ's frozen Soycutash (corn, red pepper & soybeans), I added a little feta to it
-Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale.... YUM!

The haddock was from a local fish seller that promotes locally harvested seafood.  I love that the CSA idea is being translated into the fisheries, you can actually buy a share of seafood during a particular season.... we haven't done this yet but I'm tempted.

Well.... I wanted to do some volunteer oportunity hunting.... but my eyes are getting heavy.  I think an early bed time is needed, especially with 6am kettlebell in the morning!

Do you have a tv in your bedroom? We do, although sometimes I think it would be better if we didn't, too easy to get caught up in shows and not get sleep!



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