Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dirty stay up.....

I was bad and stayed up way too late last night..... I got home from school board around 9:30 and then I decided to get caught up on a couple shows on Tivo and read a few blogs, something I haven't done in AGES!

So my run today will have to wait till later. 

I have my breakfast packed for work, it looks so yummy!

-oats made w/ .5 c almond milk, .5c water
-mix-ins: apple, maple granola, ground flax, chopped walnuts and almond butter

On tap for today's run is 6 miles.  It will be a leisurely six, since I did my 20+ mile run on Sunday.  I decided to take yesterday morning off from Kettlebell and sleep in, but since the rest of my day was jam packed I couldn't find any time for it.  

I decided not to run for school board again, so my term will be up the end of the year!  I have other areas of my life that I want to focus on, including what I want to do professionally.  Taking a step back and figuring out how best to focus my volunteer efforts to achieve my ultimate goal seems to make the most sense to me right now.  

Have you ever made a career change?  Do you want to make a career change?  How did you approach going about it?

Have a great day!!!


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