Monday, October 5, 2009

Running races.....

Running them.... as in directing one!  :-)

Running them.... as in running one.  ;-)

Sorry for my lack of blogging!  It was a crazy busy weekend.  Between the race, my dad visiting and running a half marathon plus a few extra miles. 

-was up early for 6am Kettlebell
-then took the day off from work to prep for the race
-got race bibs in order, picked up last minute race prizes, organized everything....
-at 5pm I set up registration downtown as there was a concert in the part as part of the weekend festival
-LOTS of folks showed up for bib & t-shirt pickup, plus more registered!
-more race prep and then to bed by 11pm

-up at 4am!  and it is raining :(   oh well.
-on the road by 4:30am, putting out signs on the course
-headed to the office to prep post race refreshments
-then packed up and headed to the registration area
-set up registration, got sponsor signs up, put up the start & finish signs, and set up the food for after the race
-7am volunteers arrived for assignments, I had about 40 of them helping out!
-then racers started to arrive!!!

Rainy registration....

All was going well but.... where was my timing company!!!  ack!  I called, got a machine.  Finally they arrived less than a half hour before the start.  I was annoyed but glad we didn't have to go with a backup plan.  

Next thing I knew it was 8:30 and my racers were off!!!

After having a little moment (eek!), I headed to the finish and started to prep, prizes, food, etc.   Next thing I knew the first runner was coming in, finishing under 16 minutes!

All went really smooth. 


For that stupid timing company!!!  

They. Took. Forever. 

I actually am still waiting for them to clean things up.  It is a company that I am very familiar with from doing local races, never had any issues..... lucky me, I got the timing team with issues.  I almost had a mini meltdown waiting for results.  I had gone to great lengths to get great prizes for my age group winners and the results took so long, and were still with mistakes, that many people left before we were able to give the prizes out.  :(

Despite the timing issues, people were giving me great reviews of the race... course was challenging but good, loved the shirts, great prizes, good post race refreshments, etc.  So what was within my control the day of the race went well.   So I guess I should consider it a success, especially for the first year!  So over 300 people registered and 250 finishers!  (a few no shows with the rain)  

I am so excited for next year!!  :)

I'll skip the rest of Saturday... it involved clean up, catching up with friends, napping and then dinner. 

-up at 6:30am  (no rest for the weary)
-off to the beach at 7:30am
-arrived and got my bib & chip for the half marathon at 10am
-headed off for 7 miles, accidentally ran 8.5 miles (had to run 20 miles)
-met up with friends and headed to the start of the half marathon
-off and running, we kept a moderate pace.... I ran with my friend Tom
-finished in about 1:48.... not my worst but not my fastest
-post race refreshments involved BEER, so me and my beer buddy grabbed one.....

My MOM! (us before our beer)

My mom rocks as usual.  She ran my 5K race on Saturday and then the half marathon on Sunday, yay mom!!!

So hopefully you are still reading.  Sorry so long.  Guess that's the problem when I don't blog for a few days. 

But YAY, I am officially a race director!!!  :)  I've been wanting this race at this festival for YEARS and I finally made it happen with LOTS of help from some great people!!!!!  (thank you mom, Elizabeth, Michelle, Micaela, and everyone else)

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!



  1. Congratulations on directing a successful race!

  2. WOW! Congrats on both. I bet getting that race in order was one big job and it sounds like you really rocked it! Congrats on the run too. What a fabulous, healthy weekend!!

  3. Britt, Congrats on the successful race! Of course I knew you would be a terrific race director. What next? Maybe working for Runner's World?