Friday, August 21, 2009

Will run for beer..... and a t-shirt

Sorry didn't get to blog last night, I was too pooped after work, the 10K and then heading out to meet up with the hubby.

The race went fairly well. It wasn't too hot, I think by the start it was under 80 degrees out and by the end of the race the sea breeze had kicked up a bit. This is one of the few mid-week night races I'll do during the summer since its by the ocean.

I MET my goal, I wanted to do better than my last 10K in June and I did! Yay me! :)

I did it in 46:10 which is a 7:28 pace average. Last 10K I did in 47:06 which was a 7:35 pace. So I'm happy. Still no PR, but that is a-ok.

This race is bit different for the area as they actually have FREE BEER at the end and you can get more than one if you want. Fortunate for me the guy I was next to in line grabbed two and shared. That is the other different thing, not everyone gets a t-shirt. Only a certain % within each division get a shirt, since that % is based on your time you don't get the shirt till the end. Sooner you hop in line the better chances you have of getting the right size. So you line up and wait for them to start handing them out, one year I forgot this and got stuck with an XL. So I was sure to hop RIGHT into line..... I was the first woman. :) But I didn't hit the beer area first forgetful me, lucky for me the guy in front of me did and shared. Although in hindsight I probably should have gone for water right after the race.... not beer. Oopsie.

So recap of earlier in the day.

My green monster held me ok, but still needed a mid- morning snack

-sandwhich thin toasted w/ The Bee's Knees PB
-iced coffee w/ 1 sugar in the raw

For lunch I headed home, had to take Reggie for a noon time walk.

I opted for a turkey pesto wrap again.


  • flat out
  • turkey
  • pesto
  • tomato
  • red pepper
  • side of carrots w/ lil almond butter

Also during lunch I ventured to the natural food store & pharmacy in search of Amazing Grass, according to Amazing Grass they carried it.... unfortunately they did not have. :( Bummer. I did pick up some Agave Nectar though. And since I paid w/ cash they treated me to a chocolate. SWEET (literally)!!

I didn't really get the bug bites thing till I opened it. They have a little card inside with the chocolate featuring an endangered bug, mine was the Latern Bug. So I got a little education on that bug on the back of the card.

I plugged on through the work day and eventually had to fuel up a bit for my 10K, so a larabar was in order. New flavor for me, Cinnamon Roll. LOVE! Definitely will get that flavor again!

So then it was off to the race! It started at 6pm and was sold out, so I had to get there early to park and get my number. Saw some running friends and my mom. We discussed the big NYC trip, we are both so excited.

Like I said after the race I had a BEER, probably about 16oz of light whatever it was... never actually did get myself over to the beer truck. I also chowed on some watermelon, it was very yummy. But it was starting to cool off a bit more and the sea breezed kicked up a bit and I was wet from dumping water on myself during the race (it wasn't 100% intended, I was just being sloppy with my drinking while running). I did put on my new shirt, but still felt wet and gross, so I headed home. Later I found out my mom placed 3rd in her age group with a time of 54:54, stiff competition among those 60-69 year olds!!

On my way home I heard from the hubby that the function he was at was over but he and a friend were going to grab dinner at the restaurant it was held at. So I quickly headed home, showered and dropped Reggie off at my in-laws.... he had been home alone for too long so I asked if they could watch him for a bit.

I was SO HUNGRY by the time I reached the reastuarant. It is a steakhouse but I really didn't want steak... I did want something filling though. I opted for the pulled pork sandwich off of the bar menu. HOLY HUGE sandwich!!!


  • herbed roll
  • pulled pork
  • coleslaw
  • mixed fries-sweet potato & regular

I only ate about half the sandwich, few fries and a little slaw. It was just way too much food!

Also had a yummy glass of Pinot Noir.... YUM.

A full tummy definitely did me in and I was ready for bed, thus no blog. Plus I had to be up and out for 6am Kettlebell this morning!!

Today's class was simple but challenging.
10 Rounds as fast as you could

  • 7 double cleans
  • 14 pushups
  • 21 knees to chest crunches

Then we did 4 different types of planks, holding for 45 seconds.

  • regular
  • side planks, 45 each side
  • bird dogs
  • reverse plank

I think kettlebell is definitely helping me get some rock hard abs! Wonder why? ;-)

After showering I did another Green Monster for breakfast. This mornings variation included...

  • 2 handfuls spinach
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup milk
  • little ice
  • handful of blueberries
  • cup of cantaloupe
  • 2t ground flax

Two thumps UP!

Happy Friday, have a great day!



  1. Are you talking about the Herbal Path? I've never been in there. Do they have a lot of food items?

  2. Yep, Herbal Path... they have some food stuff.....nuts, pro bars, other random bars, chia seeds, etc. Lots of supplements, organic health & beauty products, herbal medicines too of course. I still need to get into Dover Natural Foods... haven't gone there in AGES.